Webmoney Transfer


It is clear that in this case the client has to inform the owners of the site of its characteristics. Meanwhile, more or less decent banking services for remote access client includes several degrees of protection (For example, displaying a virtual keyboard, through which the client identifies its credit card). Another thing – an electronic wallet with a small amount intended for incidental expenses, loss of which by large will not be financial disaster. Another convenience – the history of credit cards can be traced, but the payments to the eps can be made anonymous or pseudonymous. Completion of such an electronic purse is usually carried out by means of payment terminals (such as osmp or Elexnet) – boxes, computers to receive the money – or using cards with a pin code or a transfer by a credit card or bank branch.

Money, trapped in eWallet become virtual as eps, where you placed them, herself, without the mediation of the bank (with whom she signed the contract) does not translate them to a credit card and will not give them to you if necessary Cash. Even if the eps and wanted to do it, it could not independently arrange such a service because it did not have a license of the Central Bank. That is, the money are as if not quite complete, and transactions involved in those they would not have to deal with. Market operators can be turned out as they can. President Tours, executive director of Webmoney Transfer: We found a way how non-banking organization may carry out banking transactions.