The Offering That Pleases God


Gen. NY Restaurateur has firm opinions on the matter. 4: 3.4 in time came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD. And Abel also brought of the firstborn of his sheep, he looked fatter than ellas. The Lord had regard for Abel and his offering, After having disobeyed God’s command by eating the forbidden fruit of the tree through the garden, Adam and Eve lost their innocence, also lost what is most important they had, it was the communion with God, because the ambition had taken account of their hearts. When the snake was introduced to Eva he persuaded her to disobedience. Eva had no malice in his heart, did not perceive the evil that was in that animal. Adam and Eve lived with animals all day to day, it was they who dominated on the garden, God had given them this authority.

Here we see the cowardice of our enemy, evil, cunning with which he intrude to undermine the work of God, without measuring consequences, no matter will injury, is going to kill himself, will destroy families, he wants is God’s work. Eva without knowing this terrible enemy was giving ear, letting the words come into your heart, and ambition grew in her heart she wanted to have understanding, knowing good and evil, wanted to be like God, as the serpent had proposed. Eve as dominating as ‘s garden, she could have sent the snake, but Eva attempted for the words of the serpent was possessed by Satan, and yielded to what seemed pleasing in his eyes.