The First Completely Solar-powered Billboard In Times Square


Ricoh eco Board a shining example of environmental awareness and sustainability Ricoh Company, Ltd, a leading provider of digital office communication and document management solutions and services, today celebrates the completion of his completely solar-powered electronic billboard in times square, no. 3, corner of 7th Avenue and 42nd Street with a ceremony at New York’s Times Square. The Ricoh eco Board is 14 meters high and 38 meters wide and the first Billboard in times square, which operated one hundred percent with solar energy. 62 solar collectors and 24 thin-film solar cells provide electricity, 16 LED lights for lighting. Ricoh promised to shed light on the eco Board not with ordinary AC power: there is not enough sunlight, the Billboard will remain dark.

Through the exclusive use of solar energy, Ricoh makes an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions of conventional power sources. The eco Board joins Ricoh’s long tradition of innovative environmental initiatives. For decades we are committed for the “Environment and apply now as regards environmental protection as an innovation leader in our industry”, explained Tom car regional environmental Manager of Ricoh Europe. The eco Board is symbolic of Ricoh’s commitment to green technologies and we hope to be able to motivate to others to take active action.” For the equipment of the eco Board, Ricoh attracted a forerunner of the solar industry: REC solar installed high-quality solar panels on the surface of on the Billboard, which are optimized for low light conditions. Furthermore, Ricoh worked closely with the Cooley group, which for nearly a century, is a leader in the field of polymer technology and the coating of flexible substrates and coated the eco Board with thin-film solar cells of Xunlight Corporation.