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Fresh Wind On Frankfurt’s Tarmac

Singapore Airlines A380 regulars at the Airport Frankfurt so far is only the Lufthansa an aircraft of the type Airbus A380 at Frankfurt am Main airport, but from early 2012 will offer the route Singapore Frankfurt New York Singapore Airlines with large aircraft. The flight Portal fluege.de reported the plans of the airline. Frankfurt airport is the international hub of great importance. The construction of the new runway assures more capacity and provides space above all for more aircraft, the Airbus A380 aircraft. The opening of the runway will take place in October 2011, so some innovations arise already in the winter flight schedule. The second carrier will be Lufthansa Singapore Airlines, which operates the Frankfurt airport with the Airbus A380. In turn, the biggest German airport is the total ninth destination, which is controlled by Singapore Airlines with the giant plane. Also should the destination come to New York.

With the use of the widebody passenger capacity compared to the Boeing 747 rises to a Area per day. The Airbus is from mid-January 2012 expected to withdraw 23:55 in Singapore and land the next day at 6:10 in Frankfurt. The scheduled flight to New York is at 8:20. It goes back to Frankfurt at 20:10. The landing of the A380 is scheduled at 10: 00, direction Singapore launches the Aviator is expected at 11:50. Passengers should reach their destination the following day at 6:50. More information: news.fluege.de/airline-news/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann




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