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Czech Republic

Compared to last year the capital of the Czech Republic has become more expensive. In the ranking of most expensive cities Prague ranked 29th, last year it was only on 49 place. During the year the capital of Chechnya ahead of Bratislava, Brussels, Munich. The title of most expensive cities in the world, as well as last year went to Moscow. In second place nestled Tokyo (4th place last year), in third place – London (2nd place in last year's ranking). This information is published U.S. consulting firm Mercer.

To rank compares prices for 200 basic goods and services: food, transportation costs, the cost of housing, clothing, entertainment. The study primarily focused on employees of foreign companies that operate abroad, and that may have slightly different views and life in the city as opposed to indigenous people. For example, foreigners prefer to rent expensive housing in the center. Rating cities compiled annually. The largest of its disadvantage is that it does not reflect the real dynamics in the cost of living, and more dependent on fluctuations in national currencies against the euro and dollar. In the first ten are located in the main European and Asian cities.

By the traditionally expensive mega-cities of Western Europe are tightened and the city of eastern Europe, Brazil and India. In this metropolis of America on the contrary, lose their positions in the ranking. For example, New York for the year dropped to 7 positions, Los Angeles – 13 positions in Washington – 22. Rating of the most expensive cities in the world. In brackets the position last year. 1. (1) Moscow 2. (4) Tokyo 3. (2) London 4. (10) Oslo 5. (3) Seoul 6. (5) Hong Kong 7. (6) Kodanev 8. (7) Geneva 9. (9) Zurich 10. (11) Milan 11. (8) Osaka 12. (13) Paris 13. (14) Singapore 14. (17) Tel Aviv 15. (21) Sydney 16. (16), Dublin 17. (18) Rome 18. (12), St. – Petersburg 19. (19) Vienna 20. (20) China 21. (22) Helsinki 22. (15) New York 23. (38), Istanbul 24. (26) Shanghai 25. (25) Amsterdam 26. (29) Athens 27. (62) Sao Paulo 28. (26) Madrid 29. (49) Prague 30. (37) Lagos 31. (31), Barcelona 32. (64) Rio de Janeiro 33. (23) Stockholm 34. (24), Douala 35. (67) Warsaw 36. (64) Melbourne 37. (39) Munich 38. (45) Berlin 39. (44), Brussels 40. (40) Frankfurt 41. (33) Dakar 42. (28), Kiev 43. (43) Luxembourg 44. (30), Almaty 45. (31), Bratislava 46. (45) Dusseldorf 47. (72) Riga 48. (52) Mumbai 49. (59), Zagreb 50. (57) Hamburg

Unlimited High Apartments

You want to feel at home, resting in an unfamiliar city? You search for a convenient apartment that meets all your expectations? You want to be sure that you will be met and transferred to the desired an increasingly common way out is to rent apartments. And this is understandable: all apartments rented by the day, have several advantages over a hotel room. Apartments, in contrast to hotels offer a high level of comfort. Comfortable apartments, as well as at home, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living people: comfortable furniture, a kitchen equipped with dishes, refrigerator, stove, telephone, Unlimited High-Speed Internet access, satellite television, DVD-players. The big advantage of apartment rent is easy, because the apartments come as a home where there is no security guard, reception and prying eyes. Unlike hotels, where everybody should be registered at the reception in an apartment, you can invite any visitor at any time. Follow others, such as Rudy Giuliani, and add to your knowledge base. Despite the fact that the apartments for rent man offers quality accommodation, comfort and convenience, rent a luxurious apartment on the day, almost twice cheaper, than to live in a hotel.

In addition, the apartment can stop one person, and whole family at the same price. One of the most successful and responsible company that is engaged in daily rent apartments in St. Petersburg is Russia-Rent.com. During his tenure, it has proved itself as a company that values its favorable reputation and customer relationships. Most of the guests using the services of the northern capital Rent Apartments are turning to these services again and again.

Russia-Rent.com company provides daily Rent comfortable apartments, meeting all modern requirements. Most apartments are conveniently located in relation to the metro stations, tourist attractions, theaters, historic and cultural monuments of the north capital. Many of the apartments of Russia-Rent.com located in the heart of St. Petersburg. In addition to luxury real estate, the company is Russia-Rent.com convenience to our clients offers shuttle service, guide, organize excursions. For foreign guests St Petersburg Russia-Rent.com company will help with the translator, and registration. And for that, having arrived in a rented apartment, you feel at home and find a refrigerator filled with favorite foods, just do grocery order and the company Russia-Rent free will this delicious service! Apartments in St. Petersburg – for those who appreciate the comfort and coziness!




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