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After all, the old computers new "advanced" programs do not "go." As a result, have to look old version. Accordingly, applicants for the post of accountant's small businesses can be very useful knowledge even older versions of programs such as 1C, BEST, Info-accountant, accountant Turbo, Sail, the Galaxy. But since Reporting in the right format, they no longer form, you should also know Word and Excel. After all, they made most of the declarations. Now the most important thing is the price of the product owner a series of programs accounting "BuhSoft" 1C: Complex supply company, which consists of all configurations: Accounting, Commerce & Store, Salary + frames, it is worth $ 480 and multiply by the dollar. In the program there is no limit on the number of employees, operations, but we must not forget the service of this program must pay a specialist job that requires no small expenditure.

The cost of information and technology management will be a lot or a little but still on 25 to 45 dollars a month. Pricing policy holder "BuhSoft" has created a gradation of prices for the program, depending on various factors of this number of employees, level of activity. Respectively pricing programs for a small company with little turnover and very large staff will be 250-260 dollars for the first year and 125-135 dollars to upgrade the following year. Work on the network "1C", and "BuhSoft" 1C is available in both local and network options. The cost of the network version of the 1500 dollars, and maintenance costs of these versions are much more expensive than a second. In our programs BuhSoft you can easily network problem work with than the online version of the program is to imagine, as many and local. View and manage accounts you can at least in America.

Cool. Service and maintenance of users and BuhSoft 1C 1C. Customer support is carried out by firms, franchise and only the hot line. Due to the huge number of companies, large companies and the diversification of products to customer feedback is not enough speed, and it pushes and sometimes spends the nerves. You can also apply to 1C forum, but there can be answered only by users, not developers, and again, where the logic of the developer. BuhSoft. All your problems solves directly the holder (the developer), to effectively address the issues users give you the opportunity to ask questions, and email, as well as by telephone. The service is provided free.




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