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Central Asian

Next, you develop this idea, you end up saying, "Our way of recovery – from below." By and large, you're right, without a creative, grassroots voluntary work will not be created the blossoming of the country. Read additional details here: NY museums . But is small and insignificant role in the capital 'Vitality of the […]


Nicholas Batin to end a five-day war in his article "The U.S. and Russia: What Next?" I, in particular, wrote that Americans do not spit into the well from which, perhaps, will soon have a drink. Had in mind in the unfriendly action against Russia, such as: the expansion of NATO to Russia's borders, the […]


But that's not much joy – there is anxiety. And the question – so what does it mean? .. Although it is possible that the same McCain simply follows trends of sensitive political 'modernization' in America, and reflected his knowledge of the fact that on November 15 New York City at the Center for European […]