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President Felipe Caldern

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – President Felipe Caldern has said that Mexico is of the few friendly that it has left to the United States. The same thinks the New York Times, before the visit of the Mexican agent chief executive to the Great Apple. But the United States always has seen us on the shoulder […]

Latin America

All wish a University Education of quality, nobody wants a mediocre University. The search of the excellence, maximum degree of the quality, is an unassailable argument. Nevertheless, one becomes in problem when we tried to need of what the quality in the university education consists, since the concept generally represents ambiguous and ambiguous. The present […]

Luis Ayala

Even if you are not ready to send a property site still, is possible that she wishes to take minutes to make an investigation to help him with this in the future. In addition I believe that one of the most effective ways to make money with his blog is not technically of his blog […]

Penal Code

We must begin the present study, indicating that the crime of illicit Appropriation, according to the systematization of the Peruvian Penal Code, is located in the unjust ones Against the Patrimony (Title V), modality of Illicit Appropriation (Chapter III), anticipated in the article 190 of the Penal Code, forming itself when the agent in his […]

Primitive Morals

With the intimate friendship that made Morals with the Islamic leaders of the Middle East, the Bolivians not only must support they watch that them like narcotics detectives, but now also like terrorists. Bolivia continues digging its own grave, moving away each day more of the civilization, returning to its savage passed of incongruities and […]

Structural Timber

Structural timber in houses is usually Nordic pine (Pinus sylvestris) or spruce (Picea abies), both conifer species.There are species with a good ratio. And they belong to the resistance groups approximately from C18 to C30.Nordic pine is preferably used in structures exposed to the weather.Glued beams used in the construction, to cover large spans, should […]

David Whitmer

The Stone of Viewer, was an oval stone of dark brown color, seemed a great egg, that Joseph put underneath a hat to concentrate his light, and slightly raising the wing of the hat watched in its interior the translation of the text that was placed underneath the stone. The great majority of the translations […]

International Monetary Fund

And now, Wall s$street will receive much public money to buy assets poisoned by the mortgages sweepings, that thunder against bank statement and they paralyze the American real economy, and thus to remove them from the balance of financial organizations: 700.000 million dollars; the GIP of Sweden is 500,000 million. The cost of this crisis […]