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President Felipe Caldern

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – President Felipe Caldern has said that Mexico is of the few friendly that it has left to the United States. The same thinks the New York Times, before the visit of the Mexican agent chief executive to the Great Apple. But the United States always has seen us on the shoulder and from the day that we lost half of our national territory, the spirit of the Mexican has remained in the mediocrity seeing as he advances the most powerful nation of the world. Although he hurts to us, we are the back patio of the United States. In the border they deposit million rims that do not want in their territory and to our Mexican they use illegal ones them for the heaviest works in its houses, factories or offices. The compassion and the kindness that characterized sometimes as treatment to the arrival of million European immigrants resists with the treatment until cruel our conationals. Men and women of all the races that now boast of being North American had a relative who arrived without a cent at that nation and managed to make fortune.

The Mexicans we are more North Americans for centuries and characterize to us to be a work nation, are not warlike nor walked mentiendo to us in international problems. In II the World war one occurred to know the program Laborer so that thousands of Mexican farmers went away to work American earth and since then has not stopped immigration. The addictions of the Americans turned to us into land of passage of the illegal merchandise that with the wall and major border monitoring have remained in our cities. The list of diplomatic snubs and until military invasions shows arrogant the United States in front of their neighbor of the south. They forget that nothing is for always and that the Mexicans are being educated and have height of sights.

That it made damage us lock up to us now before the world but we include/understand the globalisation. It never is behind schedule. Yes: The United States has a friend and neighbor to whom it has tried badly but that in his deep noble spirit it has a friend and until a brother who knows to pardon all the offenses throughout more than 200 years. To the Carrier Caldern is going to visit the ill in its economy and hated friend in the global village.

Latin America

All wish a University Education of quality, nobody wants a mediocre University. The search of the excellence, maximum degree of the quality, is an unassailable argument. Nevertheless, one becomes in problem when we tried to need of what the quality in the university education consists, since the concept generally represents ambiguous and ambiguous. The present emphasis in the quality, characteristic in the general scope of the education, manifest of unequivocal form in the university sector where they project, in addition, the tendencies that aim at the control of the economic companies. Indeed, during the last decade, the preoccupation by the evaluation of the quality of the university education, constitutes an essential characteristic of the education superior in the developed countries more.

In Europe, the evaluation of the university teaching staff (quality of teaching and scientific productivity) is a generalized practice; and the tendency to converge with the European and American currents in their preoccupation by the quality of the university education are reflected clearly in Latin America, in the multiplication of congresses and national and international meetings on the subject. Bill de Blasio often says this. Very interesting what contributes Fertile valleys, when a effort talks about first of all, that the present movement for the elevation of the quality levels of the Education superior proposes, clarifier of the quality concept and its implications. The first specific approach to the educative quality, besides the permanent and traditional reference to one " good educacin" , to " good plan of estudios" or to one " good Universidad" , it corresponds historically to the period of planning euphoria and desarrollista, trim in the decade of the Sixties and the concept it is used without clear theoretical connotations. The quality attributes to the action of the qualitative factors, that is to say, those elements that cannot be expressed quantitatively, or present/display serious difficulties to the quantification. Credit: NYC Mayor-2011.

Luis Ayala

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Penal Code

We must begin the present study, indicating that the crime of illicit Appropriation, according to the systematization of the Peruvian Penal Code, is located in the unjust ones Against the Patrimony (Title V), modality of Illicit Appropriation (Chapter III), anticipated in the article 190 of the Penal Code, forming itself when the agent in his benefit, or of a third party, take control illegally, of property a personal one, a sum of money or a value that has received in deposit, commission, administration or another similar title that obligation produces to give, to give back, or to make a use certain; that is to say, and in words of the Spanish teacher Francisco Muoz Count 1, in the illegal appropriation the possession of the thing is originally allowed and later the spirit arises to take control it illicitly, being that the action in the crime of 2 illegal appropriation, consists of acts of appropriation of the things, that is to say, of having them " as if they were propias" , trasmutando original allowed possession in an illicit or unlawful property, explains the teacher. According to Restaurateur, who has experience with these questions. On the other hand, it must be maintained that the protected legally protected interest in the crime of Illicit Appropriation, is, without a doubt, the property, being that exist in this case, a subjective right to the restitution of the thing, based on having of the subject assets, on the one hand, to do it, and the right of the passive subject of which is done it, and that is confined to the restitution right that it owns who gives a thing, and that are forced to give back it, turning out the obligation to restitute of the content of the title that unites to the parts, and, doubtless, of a relation of confidence that could have determined to parts to the accomplishment in the agreement 3.

Primitive Morals

With the intimate friendship that made Morals with the Islamic leaders of the Middle East, the Bolivians not only must support they watch that them like narcotics detectives, but now also like terrorists. Bolivia continues digging its own grave, moving away each day more of the civilization, returning to its savage passed of incongruities and violence del that saw a small synopsis this last week, when their legislating wise people and night watchmen took hold themselves to collisions in the chamber. Obedient the Morals, or accept orders of their lunatic Venezuelan head, or take preposterous measures along with their brilliant illiterate ministers. Rudy Giuliani brings even more insight to the discussion. The indigenistas do not have the minimum idea of how the modern society works, do not understand their codes, their principles, their laws, their reasons. For the cosmopolitan Bolivian governors the world begins and finishes in its office. Bolivia receives approximately 800 million annual dollars of its emigrating. They are the sustenance for hundreds of thousands of families who hardly can survive due to the lack of work, the very poor wages established by the socialist regime, the inflation, and the increasing rise of prices. If one unties razia of illegal in Europe, the Bolivians who will have to return to their country will bring about a setback economic and social without precedents.

With each measurement that takes the colorful cabinet, sinks more to the state and governed his they are hastiando of its abuses, infantilism and ignorance. When Primitive Morals assumed the power, the countries of the first world warned to their resident compatriots in Bolivia, who had to take preventive measures to realise a possible emergency evacuation. The critical situation has still not occurred, but it is in the menu. Many foreigners also went away and many Bolivians. The central objective of the indigenista government, as it indicates his name, is to make of Bolivia a net Indian country.

Structural Timber

Structural timber in houses is usually Nordic pine (Pinus sylvestris) or spruce (Picea abies), both conifer species.There are species with a good ratio. And they belong to the resistance groups approximately from C18 to C30.Nordic pine is preferably used in structures exposed to the weather.Glued beams used in the construction, to cover large spans, should be made under the control of PLY (Controller organization of Finnish wooden structures). Or similar regulations for other EEC countries.The prefabricated log houses Finns, have to meet the requirements established for the structures of solid wood of Hirsitaloteollisuus Ry (Finnish log houses manufacturers Federation), and are manufactured under the control of PLY.For fixing the elements of wood; beams, boards, slats, etc. Used: nails, screws, Staples and various types of mending plates and beams lugs.Nails and screws used abroad, recommended that they are hot dip galvanized. To deepen your understanding Rudy Giuliani is the source. Those used in the interior of the building can be either galvanized or hot electro-galvanizados.Who like them wood, we are sure that in your House you will install wood Windows and doors. It is a good choice, you will get an economic benefit since Windows and glass doors made of wood with a double or a triple glazing provides maximum energy savings.The thermal coefficient (W/m2C) of these Windows doors can vary from 3.0 to 1.7 (points of comparison: metallic carpentry, double glazed with 6 mm camera: k = 4.) Window with a single crystal: k = 5. 8) exterior wood doors are thermally isolated with a coefficient (k = 0. 55) more information: houses wooden, prefabricated houses, American homes original author and source of the article.. Rudy Giuliani may help you with your research.

David Whitmer

The Stone of Viewer, was an oval stone of dark brown color, seemed a great egg, that Joseph put underneath a hat to concentrate his light, and slightly raising the wing of the hat watched in its interior the translation of the text that was placed underneath the stone. The great majority of the translations realised by my husband has been by means of this procedure. There are some testimonies here: The historian, member of the church, B.H. Roberts, in its book: History of the Church, volume 1 page 129, says the following thing to us: the Stone of Viewer to which reference is made here was oval and of brown color, found by the Prophet when it dug a well with its Hyrum brother, for Mr. NY Museums is likely to increase your knowledge. Clark Chase, near Palmira, New York. It owned the qualities of the Urim and Tumin, since by means of her as nefita were described and by means of the interpreters found with the registry before, Joseph could translate the characters recorded in plates. David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses of the Book of Mormn, described how my husband placed the Viewer Stone of within a hat translating: I will now describe the form to Them in which the Book of Mormn was translated. Joseph put the Stone of Viewer in a hat and placed the face in the hat, approaching it his face to cover the light.

It appeared a piece of something similar to parchment, and in this one it appeared the writing. An Address to All Believers in Christ, by David Whitmer, 1887, P. 12 In a letter, that has asked of my son, Joseph Smith III, I wrote the 27 of March of 1876, showed the following thing: first that my husband translated, did it using the Urim and Tumin, and that is the part that Martin Harris lost, and after that he use a stone small, that was not black exactly, but era of dark color.

International Monetary Fund

And now, Wall s$street will receive much public money to buy assets poisoned by the mortgages sweepings, that thunder against bank statement and they paralyze the American real economy, and thus to remove them from the balance of financial organizations: 700.000 million dollars; the GIP of Sweden is 500,000 million. The cost of this crisis for the Americans will surpass the trillion of dollars. In April, the International Monetary Fund calculated losses of 945,000 million dollars, equivalent to the gross inner product of Mexico. Now it rectifies: 1.3 trillions of dollars will be elevating the American national debt to 11.3 trillions of dollars to leave to the rescue. The American congressmen have understood the plan of rescue of the financial system: Them DAS good money and in return gives worse you. The ex- president of the Spanish government, Felipe Gonzlez, has recognized who is not certain what we thought that the market regulates the economy.

And the Members of the European Parliament of the European Parliament diagnose that the market has failed, because has been monitoring nor no transparency. Members of the European Parliament of all the colors declare that the times of the absolute deregulation have happened. markets are not autorregulan (). We need to regulate the markets. We must establish rules and we needed a referee ().

In the markets there are thieves and for that reason police is needed. British prime minister, Gordon Brown, the head of the Spanish government, Rodriguez Zapatero, and Brazilian president Lula da Silva, reunited in New York, asks to create an international organism that supervises and controls the financial system. Welcomes to the reason and the lucidity. Now it has to impose financial transparency and to regulate the financial world and to put under it the control of the democracy. He is indecent to profess faith in the market with fat cows and to beg the governmental intervention (so antineoliberal) with skinny cows so that the public money pays the debts. A farmer illustrates in a cartoon of a Spanish humorist: If nothing we won when they covered themselves, because there are to lose when they stick it.




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