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You called a Christian? Christian, do you really? So whether you live as a Christian should live, ie, if you wish fervently and vehemently whether to solicit what wishes and solicits a true Christian? Extremely amiable benefits, which the Lord obeschaetistinnym Christians in the Hereafter. And unspeakably terrible misfortune which plunges us into sin, if we do not want and not covet what should vseuserdno desire and covet vseusilno Christian! What if you do not get the promised benefits and be cast into eternal torment? Already spent a lot of you have time, but did you imagine someday these and similar questions? All the more speculated ever onychite degree? Christian should be the same as bylIisus Christ. This shall philosophize in you, Who in Christ Jesus, "said St. NY museums gathered all the information. Apostle (Phil. 2:5). That is if you what the Lord Jesus Christ? So if you act like he was? His teachings on whether, or the Gospel, which he gave us a rule of life you live? Christian should not love the world (1 Jn.

2:15). But many completely tied to the world, so it seems, and live only for the world: the thought is always how the world comes as the world, and all the rules, which they hold in their lives, are precisely those rules, which keeps the world. Do not like that and you? Such a life – not a Christian and very miserable! The Lord once said in the Old Testament through St. prophet in his own chosen people: judge between me and My grapes.

Remember April

Thus, in April, on the one hand favorable Neptune gives people a poetic inspiration, interesting thoughts, ideas. This good month for creative people – writers, musicians and artists. They are waiting for creative success. But any new ideas or business actually implemented this month, almost no one can. Many feel insurmountable obstacles, resistance, and unexpected troubles caused by bad evil aspects Uranus. Best of all, in April, as it were hide, do not take anything new, and decisive, in peace and quiet engage in his usual thing – in business, at work, while paying attention to their hobbies in art, music and literature. But do not try to break something, to make in your life a qualitative leap.

K end of the month, with 20-s numbers in April, will begin a very unstable period in the economy, many are at risk at this time potreyat their money and their profits. Therefore, in this period should be completely eliminate the risk to financial matters. Not Remember to follow in April and their health. Be careful at work. Watch for sleep and odyha more visit the open air.

Thus, in April 2009 calls on you to stability, to maintain regular, usual routine, normal, routine, the measured work. In April, you can not change jobs, move to a new place to file for divorce, marry, or marry, that is to start something completely new in your life. He warns you against all surprises and new beginnings. Now let's see what will bring in April 2009 all signs of the zodiac? OWEN April rightfully belongs to Aries! This month will bring them many new opportunities that will enable them to succeed in life. Rudy Giuliani may find it difficult to be quoted properly.


I describe the psychodynamics of one school class. But what I will describe to you today, those mental processes that occur in this class, and the approach to their analysis, in principle, can deal with any team, which some a long time working together. This may be a group of colleagues at a university or school, hospital or office. Each group is certain stage of development. Learn more at this site: Rudy Giuliani. This can be compared with those stages, which overcomes child from birth to adulthood. In each class, and in each team, this is expressed differently. In his report, I will rely on three basic concepts of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic pedagogy: transference and countertransference scenic understanding.

We consider the conflicts in the 2 year of high school, we have it about 5-6 class. I was in this class of 3-year classroom teacher. Looking at this class I tried to imagine how using these concepts can be explained by unconscious motives relations in the classroom. "Class in the mirror their conflicts during recess milkfish and Peter is constantly fighting. And Peter, as a rule, it happens to the bits of blood. Therefore, several weeks after the start of training comes to me and asks his mother.

To me as a homeroom teacher made sure that the milkfish stopped himself so news. And it still second request: I need to make sure that Peter began to include general class of games, because it is usually not accepted. In general, the class should be proud that together with them is learning so smart and gifted child.

April Aquarians

CAPRICORN most successful in April will be for your questions of love and marriage. If you are alone, then you are given another chance to find a life partner. Sufficiently well everything will go in your life if you already burdened by family ties. Now you need the support of loved ones. Solving accumulated problems is to search the depths of his soul. In April, you'll also be sure to take health, except in the most soon it will bring you unpleasant chores. With regard to professional activity, then here you are waiting for a very tense days. To ensure your positive qualities have brought good dividends, do not forget about control over their emotions.

By the end of the month Capricorns can realize long pledged their projects, especially in those areas where they feel more professionals. Financial position you can not meet, but this is better to live, not so it is bad. Importantly – the deterioration of the financial situation you are not threatened. AQUARIUS This month you will have no problems with work, study and love relationships. In financial plan, you will also be all right. But you should pay attention to your health as you may have a bad feeling. A weak point in this time will be your spine. This month, many Aquarians will act under the influence of his bold ideas, but also be able to show determination in achieving these goals.

Business partners for personal gain could be abused by your name, be prepared for the need explained. Late April Aquarians have to deal with purely temporal things: planting a kitchen garden, home repairs and clarification of relations with the household. At the same time increase their need for collaboration with colleagues and friends, which can bring them not only a pastime, but also material success. FISH for April Fishes – time for change. Stars give you the opportunity to prove himself as the chief or leader of a management level. In April, Pisces have to fight for themselves familiar to the well-being. Probable rise of creative thought and imagination, a burst of vitality. In a love field probably some complications. But should not exaggerate the problems. Learn to enjoy little things. You need to unwind and get away! In April, a Pisces can be the mass of short trips, the processing of news, a breakthrough in creative writing, as well as increased contacts with relatives and neighbors. The more complicated your problem is, the better you are implementing it. A little more determination and focus. Help others, and they will thank you. Do not flatter yourself tempting offer, you can become victim of fraud, so be attentive to current events.




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