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You called a Christian? Christian, do you really? So whether you live as a Christian should live, ie, if you wish fervently and vehemently whether to solicit what wishes and solicits a true Christian? Extremely amiable benefits, which the Lord obeschaetistinnym Christians in the Hereafter. And unspeakably terrible misfortune which plunges us into sin, if […]

Remember April

Thus, in April, on the one hand favorable Neptune gives people a poetic inspiration, interesting thoughts, ideas. This good month for creative people – writers, musicians and artists. They are waiting for creative success. But any new ideas or business actually implemented this month, almost no one can. Many feel insurmountable obstacles, resistance, and unexpected […]


I describe the psychodynamics of one school class. But what I will describe to you today, those mental processes that occur in this class, and the approach to their analysis, in principle, can deal with any team, which some a long time working together. This may be a group of colleagues at a university or […]

April Aquarians

CAPRICORN most successful in April will be for your questions of love and marriage. If you are alone, then you are given another chance to find a life partner. Sufficiently well everything will go in your life if you already burdened by family ties. Now you need the support of loved ones. Solving accumulated problems […]