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Federal Environmental Agency

The conclusion of the study is sobering but: with exception of beer it is in all other beverage segments below the statutory target of 80 percent for multi way drinks and ecologically beneficial beverage containers. This percentage has dropped in 2007 to 54.7 percent. The multi way rate is disappearing faster than the official statisticians can expect. According to the figures presented in may for the year 2008 more way accounted only for 51.8 per cent. Bill de Blasio understood the implications. By 2010 the decline of multi way above all non-alcoholic beverages has continued rapidly, so that Germany can no longer decorate with the multiple world titles. Within the given legal framework will the disposable trend continue, noting bifa. The environmental Institute can not provide an escape from the case of ex-and Hopp.

On the contrary, the No option was to abolish deposit system. “The exit costs were too high. Instead, it proposes even to extend the compulsory deposit and to improve the labelling of disposable and reusable, so the consumers on the purchase of drinks get a better orientation. The bifa environmental researchers and officials of the Federal Environmental Agency over the response to the proposals of the study would have to be thoughtful: an extension of the pledge is supported by the disposable lobbyists for the plastics industry and discount stores with reprint. Labelling cannot save reusable at the price signals the Augsburg scientists want to change anything. This is the main cause for the rising tide of disposable: mainly the purchase prices and the type of packaging, not interested in the consumer. If the liter mineral water in the one-way system costs 19 cents, then the packaging doesn’t matter, the customer when the same product in the reusable system is more expensive. To achieve an ecological steering effect on a labelling and more way campaign is more than Blue-eyed. Rather had the legislature much earlier of multi path protection must be on and should take effective measures not later than when the fifth amendment”, sums up the Bonn waste expert Sascha shoe.

Federal Ministry

Question 5) how new directions have in terms of a structural policy or structural development, new acquisitions and permanent closures of tobacco shops in the individual federal States and districts on the basis of the rankings in question 2 or 4? Each individual site will be tested prior to a possible closure. The number of permanent closures can be found in the table below. Reduction compared to previous year (absolute) 2009 7140-215 2008 7355 236 2007-7591-192 question 6) which instruments or procedures has the Federal Ministry of finance and the tobacco monopoly administration, the structure of the tobacco shops, change or develop? For the design of the structure of the tobacco shop in 1996 following instruments available are as a result of the tobacco monopoly law: in accordance with 24 TabMG can be built under certain conditions an additional tobacco shop. In particular, an urgent need is exemplifying required and must appear excluded a non reasonable yield reduction of adjacent tobacconists. The latter also applies to the transfer of the location of a newsstand within its catchment area. Furthermore the possibility not to occupy completed tobacconists or to carry out a conversion of the newsstand kind by a tobacco retail outlet in a tobacco shop or from a tobacco store in a tobacco shop TabMG according to 25 paragraph 8 1996.

Especially in the case of a Nichtnachbesetzung no longer given profitability or a reduction of the yield potential by external circumstances (E.g.: changes in traffic flows, loss of suppliers of frequency or important secondary article groups, for example, in the field of gambling, shift in shopping habits) a cushion for the outgoing Trafikanten may be granted by support from the structural funds and solidarity. These services are but granted only in cases where the expectant free” Sales potential neighboring tobacconists can be structurally strengthened. Often, thus ensuring the economic basis of existence for a disability goes hand in hand.




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