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Personality As A Career Engine

glisten promotes individual development of office managers for every pot there the right lid that also applies to the labour market. Each Manager searches for the matching Assistant, which is equivalent to his personal requirements, says Andrea van hard, European business coach and member of the Board of the Association Secretariat and Office management e. V. (bSb). The question is only how to make attentive as Assistant to.

A personality who boasts a confident and professional appearance is important here in addition to very good technical qualifications. Personal motivation and high level of expertise are the key factors of a successful collaboration between Manager and Assistant. Apart from current training, he offers glisten therefore tailor-made courses that respond to the individual needs of the assistance. To optimally capture the current situation of both sides, the Association works closely with managers and assistants. Individual objectives can thus together formulated and are developed with the Assistant in a temporary coaching process. From 2011, he plans a nationwide coaching network glisten. Successful self-management is all: each Assistant to overcome their daily challenges in their own way and thus makes a great and important contribution to the well-being of the entire company, in which it operates. For this reason, coaching is considered to appreciative and lastingly effective action to take next steps of career planning within the company, and is successfully used in the personnel development therefore already for several years.

Goal is to strengthen the personality and willingness to perform the respective Assistant through expert advice at eye level. The diverse working environment and the diverse processes of change in their profession can be viewed this way as opportunity and welcome challenge and optimally managed. Move in a complex relationship between chef, staff assistants and Customers”, explains Andrea van hard. Different cultures and mentalities, appropriate national and international communication, and professional dealing with stress and conflict situations are often. the working day” For the personal professional development coaching sessions are designed individually and includes many different areas by improving the professional situation of possible career opportunities to stress and conflict management. Learn more about professional and personal training can be found in the Internet under and.

Federal Government

Intercultural trainer Gottingen, January 11, 2010 is good news for all who are interested in education: the Federal Government has increased the education premium as of 01 January 2010, the maximum grant is now 500. Add to your understanding with NY Museums. At the same time, the income limits were raised. The training of intercultural trainers (m/w) in 5 modules of IKUD can complete now seminars everyone who meet the eligibility criteria with 500 promotion. 21 million workers nationwide can benefit from the education premium and to co-finance training. Interesting here: Anders than in many other programmes the education premium also applies to self-employed and that nationwide! Especially in the area of training, many on a self-employed basis work. You can get now refund half of the cost of training seminars with the education premium in all training IKUD up to maximum 500. “Who chose the profession of intercultural trainer” interested in or already working in this area, to complete the certified training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules”at IKUD seminars develop independent intercultural training sessions and perform. And if he or she is one of the 21 million eligible, now financially best conditions provide for participation in the training.

Interested in further education received the Education Award voucher after a consultation in one of the over 400 advisory bodies. Seminars on the voucher register the accredited training provider IKUD and pay the price reduced to 500 for the training of educators with the Federal Ministry of education and research directly settles this amount. Requirement is a maximum income of 25,600 annually (51,200 assessed in common). In the outpatient clinic on-site consultation is free of charge. The team of IKUD interested at any time gladly helps seminars….


What are the chances you have and what also must look for a recruitment is a private and commercial establishment. They conveyed personnel to an employer and is paid for through a fee. The recruitment of temporary work is basically to delineate. While the work employs the workers themselves, recruitment is looking for the workers. Here, the contract is not concluded between the Agency and the employee. Recruitment initially acquired the vacancies. This can be done in various ways. The negotiations will typically have good contacts with the employers so ask many companies directly in the negotiations.

The knowledge collected in the vacancies, a worker has to deliver. The recruitment equal to then the existing workers in their filing with this profile. No suitable people in the file are available, the people recruitment even after appropriate searches. This usually headhunter on the search used, specialized personnel. The infragekommenden people are then analyzed. This often creates a profile that contains the relevant data.

After the profiling, a personal conversation between the employee and employer is finally agreed. There are already appropriate persons in the file, then this person is suggested as first. The recruitment is usually used if you have the necessary qualifications for a particular position only rarely. In this case the necessary staff exists only on the labour market. One reason for the lack of qualified personnel can be, for example, an unfavourable location of the company. Very many watchmaking are to be found in other locations not in certain areas. The personnel knows these circumstances and can therefore very efficiently search for staff that brings the required qualifications. The recruitment is legally a brokerage firm. Therefore it is the closed mediation contracts Brokerage contracts. The brokers right, which is enshrined in the civil code is applicable in this context. This rule, he is obliged to the neutrality between the two parties.

German Student Exchange

Despite the bad news about the severe earthquake in the region of Christchurch in February 2011 has New Zealand as guest students at a New Zealand high school – certainly also the Lord of the rings due to “movies – in recent years developed into one of the tourist dream destinations. the spectacular landscape shots And with good reason: on a total area of 268,680 mile, North Island and South Island m offer an incredible variety: in addition to the modern cities of Auckland, Christchurch, or Wellington here but also huge glaciers, imposing mountain ranges and volcanoes, beautiful fjord landscapes, endless pasture landscapes and lush rainforests can be found with a unique flora and fauna. The population of the two island State at the other end of the world”consists of the cosmopolitan, relaxed way of the Kiwis only 4.2 million people and 40 million sheep and 70 million possums, as the New Zealanders themselves like to jokingly note but” makes it easy for any visitor to feel quickly at home. Not for nothing has “American news channel CNN the land of the long white cloud” (Aotearoa) in a survey of December 2010 – directly after the leader New York–on the second place of the top 9 destinations for 2011 elected. The jury explained this placement among other things with the upcoming Rugby World Cup in September, the burgeoning film industry and the many luxurious accommodations, especially outside the big cities.

But not only from a tourist perspective, Kiwi country enjoys’ increasing popularity. So in summer 2010, a survey of 50 German Student Exchange organizations revealed that New Zealand – behind the leaders of United States and Canada for 2011 at # 3 of the most popular destinations for a school year abroad (1,300 nominations). What is the stimulus for a New Zealand student exchange? The New Zealand literacy and education New Zealand whose quality in recent years several times by top 10 rankings in the international but has one of the world’s best school systems, PISA rankings has been confirmed.




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