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Washington Square

The protests, as in the case of Spain, are organizing through Twitter. NYC Marathon can provide more clarity in the matter. 7 Italian cities have confirmed that they will participate in the concentrations. After the success obtained in the calls for the 15-m concentrates, young Spaniards, continue progressing in their claims, causing numerous international media attention and achieving that cto outrage begin to cross borders. The message has ignited the wick of the indignation in Italy where the first concentrations in favour of political change have been called for this Friday, may 20. The text Roma plaza of Spain may 20 h.20? you are constantly publishing through various chains of tweets promoted by many young Italian who has caught the attention of Spanish calls success. Perhaps check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more information. The calls in the transalpine country confirmed among those of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Turin or Milan, which will take place in the Piazza del Duomo.

All of them share a same motto, #italianrevolution, continuing with that used in our country, #spanishrevolution, and begin to guess as the previous hotbed that may require policy changes in the neighboring country. European support to the Spanish initiative regardless of calls in favour of change in Italy, are many European cities in which there are provided for concentrations in support of the spanish revolution, much of them against Spanish embassies good example of them which will take place in London, where several dozens of young people have already remained camped for several hours, or Birmingham, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Budapest, Istanbul and Buenos Aires, among others, where you foresee concentrations throughout the afternoon on Thursday supporting the Spanish cause. Protests will also arrive in the coming days to the U.S. city of New York, where on Saturday there will be a concentration in the Washington Square at 12.30 h. source of the news:: Italy summons concentrations in its major cities to promote his own revolution.

Central Asian

Next, you develop this idea, you end up saying, "Our way of recovery – from below." By and large, you're right, without a creative, grassroots voluntary work will not be created the blossoming of the country. Read additional details here: NY museums . But is small and insignificant role in the capital 'Vitality of the country and in the vitality of its culture? " From time immemorial, the legislature was in capitals. Another thing – the executive power. It is scattered across the country, but were accountable to the capital again. This is something that concerns a single state with its capital city, one people and the sole legislative and executive branches. But all this does not exist currently in Russia. After all Russia is divided (and it was fixed Constitutionally) to the subjects of the federation, more than half of whom are public entities with their national Constitution, the President, the legislative and executive power, in name only subordinate to the Federal government.

Good or bad? For these states themselves in the state it's pretty good: you can dictate their terms to the center, scaring the constant threat of withdrawal from the Federation in the event of failure requirements (a kind of political blackmail), but on the other hand – do not bear any responsibility for the economic, financial, legal and social status of its citizens, referring to his "servile" position, determined by the "center." Resembles the situation when a thief stole a purse itself loudly shouting: "Stop thief!". And yet, given the available in the Russian Federation territorial division of the national (I emphasize – with national) of the Federation, let me quote excerpts from a newspaper article "Central Asian underbelly" on "a democratic government that provides rights and freedoms of its citizens at the level of internationally recognized standards. " I quote: "The originality of democracy in any country should be determined by the mentality of the people, national traditions and customs.


Nicholas Batin to end a five-day war in his article "The U.S. and Russia: What Next?" I, in particular, wrote that Americans do not spit into the well from which, perhaps, will soon have a drink. Had in mind in the unfriendly action against Russia, such as: the expansion of NATO to Russia's borders, the deployment of missile defense bases near by her and other actions that do not take into account Russia's interests. I also wrote that the realities and challenges of the twenty-first century dictate that the vital interests of both countries a completely different style of relations between the two largest countries in the world. Unfortunately, this truth has not yet become apparent to the U.S. political leadership. And striking example of this served as a five-day war in the Caucasus, for which lies entirely in the U.S., armed the Saakashvili regime and coached the Georgian army.

In this regard, one can only marvel and myopia short-sightedness of the current U.S. administration, its inability to calculate the consequences of their actions to integrate the global U.S. interests. Until now, the U.S. ruling elite continues to be guided in the outer policy set of techniques and tools of the Cold War, not realizing that the world has changed dramatically. "Saakashvili, of course, son of a bitch. But he's our son of a bitch. " Does not that resembles something painfully familiar? We have to sadly stated that at the present time, American society and American electoral system is not able to nominate the country's leadership is well trained, bright and talented leaders who are at different stages American history has been quite a lot.


But that's not much joy – there is anxiety. And the question – so what does it mean? .. Although it is possible that the same McCain simply follows trends of sensitive political 'modernization' in America, and reflected his knowledge of the fact that on November 15 New York City at the Center for European history, the city hosted an international conference dedicated to the life and work a famous Jewish scholar Raphael Lemkin – the author of the thesis of 'genocide', which in an attempt to formulate it and show what we should call genocide, he turned just in time for the example of mass murder, massacre and deportations of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey. Lemkin was also a lawyer, educator, linguist, writer, and, most importantly, the tireless advocate of international efforts to prevent genocide. And during the conference, many speakers addressed the facts of the extermination of the Turkish government of Armenian intellectuals and cultural heritage of the Armenians …

Whatever it was, a premonition that even in the U.S., despite the Turkish-Armenian protocols will not neglect the theme of the Armenian Genocide in Armenia right now is mixed with bewilderment and dismay. And no one – not from authorities, or from the opposition – does not undertake any obligation to explain difficult people, what actually happens in this area, which is still one of the official foreign policy priority. Apparently, current politicians have nothing to say? Or just afraid of anything at all to speak, even more so – to comment on the possible turns of U.S. .

Federal Environmental Agency

The conclusion of the study is sobering but: with exception of beer it is in all other beverage segments below the statutory target of 80 percent for multi way drinks and ecologically beneficial beverage containers. This percentage has dropped in 2007 to 54.7 percent. The multi way rate is disappearing faster than the official statisticians can expect. According to the figures presented in may for the year 2008 more way accounted only for 51.8 per cent. Bill de Blasio understood the implications. By 2010 the decline of multi way above all non-alcoholic beverages has continued rapidly, so that Germany can no longer decorate with the multiple world titles. Within the given legal framework will the disposable trend continue, noting bifa. The environmental Institute can not provide an escape from the case of ex-and Hopp.

On the contrary, the No option was to abolish deposit system. “The exit costs were too high. Instead, it proposes even to extend the compulsory deposit and to improve the labelling of disposable and reusable, so the consumers on the purchase of drinks get a better orientation. The bifa environmental researchers and officials of the Federal Environmental Agency over the response to the proposals of the study would have to be thoughtful: an extension of the pledge is supported by the disposable lobbyists for the plastics industry and discount stores with reprint. Labelling cannot save reusable at the price signals the Augsburg scientists want to change anything. This is the main cause for the rising tide of disposable: mainly the purchase prices and the type of packaging, not interested in the consumer. If the liter mineral water in the one-way system costs 19 cents, then the packaging doesn’t matter, the customer when the same product in the reusable system is more expensive. To achieve an ecological steering effect on a labelling and more way campaign is more than Blue-eyed. Rather had the legislature much earlier of multi path protection must be on and should take effective measures not later than when the fifth amendment”, sums up the Bonn waste expert Sascha shoe.

Federal Ministry

Question 5) how new directions have in terms of a structural policy or structural development, new acquisitions and permanent closures of tobacco shops in the individual federal States and districts on the basis of the rankings in question 2 or 4? Each individual site will be tested prior to a possible closure. The number of permanent closures can be found in the table below. Reduction compared to previous year (absolute) 2009 7140-215 2008 7355 236 2007-7591-192 question 6) which instruments or procedures has the Federal Ministry of finance and the tobacco monopoly administration, the structure of the tobacco shops, change or develop? For the design of the structure of the tobacco shop in 1996 following instruments available are as a result of the tobacco monopoly law: in accordance with 24 TabMG can be built under certain conditions an additional tobacco shop. In particular, an urgent need is exemplifying required and must appear excluded a non reasonable yield reduction of adjacent tobacconists. The latter also applies to the transfer of the location of a newsstand within its catchment area. Furthermore the possibility not to occupy completed tobacconists or to carry out a conversion of the newsstand kind by a tobacco retail outlet in a tobacco shop or from a tobacco store in a tobacco shop TabMG according to 25 paragraph 8 1996.

Especially in the case of a Nichtnachbesetzung no longer given profitability or a reduction of the yield potential by external circumstances (E.g.: changes in traffic flows, loss of suppliers of frequency or important secondary article groups, for example, in the field of gambling, shift in shopping habits) a cushion for the outgoing Trafikanten may be granted by support from the structural funds and solidarity. These services are but granted only in cases where the expectant free” Sales potential neighboring tobacconists can be structurally strengthened. Often, thus ensuring the economic basis of existence for a disability goes hand in hand.




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