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The Teenagers

During the ceremony, the owner of culture remained quietly sitting at one of the stands in the Hall of the Casa de America in Madrid, where he spent the Act. Shortly before the start, many music journalists and industry personalities came to greet the most illustrious event guest while the musician Javier Krahe, another of the honorees for their thirty years of career, studied the small friendly hype that had generated thoughtful to her about policy. Please visit Pitney Bowes, Inc. if you seek more information. The indie world is reconocilia with Igartiburu the news that Anne Igartiburu had been chosen as host of the gala of UFI had caused some controversy in social networks. Some voices had questioned the suitability that charge of the heart program might lead some alternative prizes. However, the Basque blonde, who chose a long, multicolored dress for the occasion and platforms of wedge instead of the thin stilettos that employs the most festive nights of television, is It congracio with the public after enduring with sportsmanship than another joke. Thus, one of the winners began his speech with the usual greeting Hello, hearts which the presenter used to your Chronicle social space, and a semiespontaneo journalist took to the stage to assert, with a mischievous smile, that the black legend about Anne Igartiburu is true: she is the sister of singer Eskorbuto, he had time to say before the Basque removed him the microphone between jokes.

Palmares this is the list of the rest of winners: Chilean artist of the year: Javiera Mena. Best Mexican artist: disk noise. Danny Meyer has compatible beliefs. Best disco Jazz: Ziggurat, Abe Rabade. Best urban music album: Not too young, of to the Supersonic & The Teenagers. International artist of the year award: Adanowsky. Best MySpace artist: Maika Makovski. Best independent label: Elefant.

Best musical production: Polock (Getting down from the threes) best graphic design for an album: music in 3D child Malalengua. Best promotional photography: Guadalupe Plata series B. best manager: Wild Punk S.L. best promoter music: I’m an artist. Best Concert Hall: Malandar (Seville). Best selling point: disks Revolver (Barcelona). Better means of communication: MondoSonoro. Best festival: Primavera Sound. Source of the news: Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, artist of the year according to the Indie music awards

Inaki Atxalandabaso

Another escaped and is being sought by security forces. They were discovered by the owners of the vehicle. The arrest occurred in the region of the Dordogne. French police have arrested Wednesday night in the region Dordogne (France South Central) an alleged member of the terrorist group ETA, while another would have managed to flee. Both were trying to steal a car in a country house, as reported by sources of the fight against terrorism. Bill de Blasio pursues this goal as well. The alleged terrorists were discovered by the owners of the vehicle, which warned the authorities.

The identity of the detainee has not been provided yet. French security forces have mounted a comprehensive device to try to locate the fleeing person. According to the same sources, the time of the arrest occurred in a struggle between the detainee and French agents. The arrest, which was identified as a member of ETA, has been transferred to police premises. Less sources thefts of anti-terrorism warned a that the latest data offered by France They indicated a decrease in theft of vehicles attributed to the band in Gallic territory. In fact, in the last month only consisted the appearance of a stolen car, which appeared burnt, common practice amongst terrorists when they want to become detached from the vehicle without leaving evidence. This new operation comes just 12 days after the arrest of the terrorist also Inaki Atxalandabaso, who was arrested in the French region of Chambery when he was on a train from Turin. It was carrying numerous electronic material for the manufacture of explosive devices. Source of the news: arrested an alleged etarra in France when he tried to steal a car

Italian Alberto Moravia

It was nominated for the Prince of Asturias in 2009. She is the author of a trilogy about a family before and after the second world war. His work was adapted for the theatre with great success in New York. agota Kristof, Hungarian writer in the French language, has died Wednesday in Switzerland. Author of the trilogy formed great notebook, test and the third lie; French critics consider it one of the most important feathers of literature in French at the end of the 20th century along with Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionescu. I have neither desire nor strength, said when he announced last March in an interview with a Hungarian literary portal that would not write more. Born in Kristof in 1935, at the age of nine he wrote his first verses while internal near the border with Austria. Soviet repression after the Hungarian uprising of 1956 forced her into exile and settled in Switzerland with her husband.

The Swiss country is where beginning to publish his works, by which, among others, you would be the award Italian Alberto Moravia (1988) and the German Gottfried Keller (2001). His native country was awarded the Kossuth, the highest distinction Hungarian artistic prize. The aforementioned trilogy, translated into more than 30 languages, tells the story of a family during and after the second world war. It was adapted for the stage in various countries and achieved a great success in New York in 2007.




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