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Antarctic Discs

" People have gone out because we took to time all asking to us how she could be that we did not leave to denounce this expolio" , she has continued the vocalista. Aguirre has intervened to indicate that they felt that they were living " something historical as he could be the fall of the Wall of Berln' , while there is lawyer by a system of open lists and " to break the dictatorship of the great parties polticos". After rejecting to comment the ideological tendencies of the Russian singer Network, that recently was declared of rights, Aguirre has stressed who they do not align themselves with any political party and they will never do it, because " the right and the left not existen" . " There is a unique party that is called PPOE. They are not the same, but they respond to the same mechanisms and I interest, those of the FMI" , the guitarist has denounced. Towards the savage Returning on the reason for their presence before the journalists in the Room the Sun, Eva and Juan have advanced some details of Towards the Savage, a disc that will have twelve songs, is being produced by Juan de God Martin and the own group in the studies Or Black Cat of Madrid. It will be mixed in New York and it is predicted that it sees the light in September through own seal of the pair, Antarctic Discs. On this last one, Eva has recognized that a long time ago they had desire of " manejar" its music of " way more global" without depending on a record one. For that reason it has indicated that once finished their contract with EMI, was able of " to do the same, but without the endorsement of a company, because in fact we took to long time autogestionndonos".

Abraham Lincoln

One decade later, " still it seems that he was &quot yesterday; , according to it said another one of the relatives of the victims. Minutes of East silence Sunday, silence flooded New York to 8,46 local time (14,46 Spanish peninsular hour), the moment exact in that one crashed first of the airplanes against the North Tower of the Twin Towers. And other five times the large city was in silence, to commemorate the moment at which the second of the airplanes crashed against the South Tower, the collapse of both skyscraper, the attack to the Pentagon and the fall of the third airplane, the one that was turned aside by the passengers when knowing the plans the assassins, in Pensilvania. The act of this tenth anniversary of the 11 of September was the one of greater ceremony, with the presence of the president of the United States, Barack Obama, who went accompanied of his wife, Michelle, and, in a unit act, next to its predecessor, George W. To deepen your understanding Danny Meyer is the source. Bush and its wife, Laura. The unit of the American around the tragedy of 11-S was clear in its interventions, since instead of to deliver a speech, Obama recited Psalm 46 of Biblia and Bush a fragment of a letter that Abraham Lincoln sent to the mother of a soldier died in the Civil War in the USA. " God is our shelter and strength, ours soon aid in the tribulations. Therefore, no we will fear, although the Earth is removed, and the mounts to the heart of mar&quot are transferred; , Obama in the tribute said to the victims. Also many personalities participated in the ceremony, among others, the then mayor of the city, Rudy Giuliani, as well as the present edile, Michael Bloomberg, who said that " we will never be able to forget what passed aqu" , a destruction that turned " bluest the mornings in darkest of noches".

IMF Dominique Strauss

It received the visit of a woman without identifying the night before the incident with the employee of a hotel of luxury of New York that it accuses to him of sexual abuses. The woman already was identified and located by the authorities. The exdirector manager of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn received the visit of a woman without identifying the night before the incident with the employee of a hotel of luxury of New York that accuses of sexual abuses and attempt to him of violation, informs The New York Times. According to judicial sources mentioned by that newspaper there are new images of video that show Strauss-Kahn entering the elevator of the Sofitel hotel at dawn (05,20 GMT) to raise their room, suite 2806, accompanied by a woman of which is not developing its identity but that ” he did not work in hotel”. The woman already was identified and located by the authorities but she has refused to respond at dawn to the questions of the investigating ones on the reason for his visit from the 13 to the 14 of May to DSK, as she is met by the press the politician and French economist 62 years. The same newspaper assures that to tomorrow following Strauss-Kahn only ordered breakfast ” for one persona” to the room service from the hotel to 13,24 GMT. According to the sequence that is known until now on which apparently it happened that one weekend in the hotel, hours after ordering that breakfast it had place the incident assumption in the room with an employee of Guinean origin that accused later than sexual aggression and attempt to him of violation. The case gave an unexpected upset 1 of July the past when the Office of the public prosecutor revealed a series of ” mentiras” and ” inconsistencias” on the plaintiff that mined their credibility and took to the judge of the case, Michael Howitzer, to end the house arrest of the French politician and to give back the guarantee to him.




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