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Antarctic Discs

" People have gone out because we took to time all asking to us how she could be that we did not leave to denounce this expolio" , she has continued the vocalista. Aguirre has intervened to indicate that they felt that they were living " something historical as he could be the fall of […]

Abraham Lincoln

One decade later, " still it seems that he was &quot yesterday; , according to it said another one of the relatives of the victims. Minutes of East silence Sunday, silence flooded New York to 8,46 local time (14,46 Spanish peninsular hour), the moment exact in that one crashed first of the airplanes against the […]

IMF Dominique Strauss

It received the visit of a woman without identifying the night before the incident with the employee of a hotel of luxury of New York that it accuses to him of sexual abuses. The woman already was identified and located by the authorities. The exdirector manager of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn received the visit of […]