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OTC Heartburn

A series of New Year followed by many of us with abundant feasts. And we often do not limit ourselves in these days in the consumption of fatty and spicy foods, sweets, fizzy drinks and alcohol is why it is not surprising that in the second decade of January, sharply increasing the number of complaints to heartburn. The stomach can not handle the load, and there is an unpleasant burning sensation, pain or discomfort behind the breastbone, which goes from the bottom up. In order to restore balance, be excluded from the daily diet fatty and spicy foods, pickles, chocolate, coffee and strong tea, and foods containing mint, onion, garlic and hot spices. It is desirable at this time minimize consumption of tomatoes and oranges.

But most importantly – no alcohol and nicotine. Must be regularly fed, do not forget to have breakfast and do not move out at night. If you experience symptoms of heartburn, the most effective treatment is a modern technique of OTC medicines. These drugs can quickly and effectively to cope with feelings of burning and discomfort. OTC medicines Heartburn divided by its composition of two types – antacids and alginates. Antacids – are drugs that neutralize the hydrochloric acid that is part of the gastric juice for a short time, up to 30 minutes.

Neutralization of increased stomach acidity can affect the body, because the acid balance needed for the natural process of digestion and to protect the body from bacteria and viruses. Acid after neutralization is transformed into carbon dioxide, which is manifested unpleasant burping and bloating. Alginates – act differently. These are preparations with a unique mechanism of action, getting into the stomach, they form on his surface of the protective gel barrier, which prevents the release of acid into the esophagus. The action of alginate drug lasts up to 4 hours. Alginates do not meddle in the digestion process and have no side effects. Through that alginates are natural releases of Components (from Lat. alga – sea grass), vydylennymi from algae. their security is so high that they can primensyatsya even during beremnnosti and lactation. At administered after a meal alginates produce on the surface of the stomach, creating a protective gel barrier-neutral, which prevents the release of acid, which causes heartburn, into the esophagus. The action of alginate drug lasts up to 4 hours. And most importantly – alginates have no side effects do not affect the process of digestion and absorption by other medications. Unlike antacids, alginates – absolutely harmless medication, provided, of course, compliance with the recommended dosage. Therefore, they are designed for a wide range of patients. For example, a suspension of heartburn Geviskon from natural seaweed are recommended for children age 12 and pregnant women in all trimesters. This is the first facility in the Russian market, which does not affect the level of acidity in the stomach and the digestive process. In addition, this spring a new, more convenient, form of the drug – in Geviskon tablets that are easy to take with you wherever you go. According to Russia's largest research holding "ROMIR" 9 out of 10 pharmacists recommend Geviskon to use their friends and family as the most the best means to alleviate heartburn. Geviskon – instant freedom from heartburn!

Gynecologic Medical Center

Complaints handling complaints are to ginekologuKakie occasion to refer to a gynecologist First of all, this is – to change the character of vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen and backache, bleeding, and menstrual irregularities. With all the variety of gynecological pathology, clinical gynecological diseases fit into these above-mentioned complaint. For example, the changing character of discharge from vagina. Discharge may be watery, slizeobraznymi, purulent, curd, sukrovichnymi, have an unpleasant odor, etc. Please note that these signs and symptoms indicate the presence of gynecological diseases, including inflammation of the vagina (colpitis) cervical erosion cervical mucous matkivospalenie the cervical canal (cervicitis), including specific character (Chlamydia) Cervical polyps matkipolipy mucosal disease matkivospalitelnye body of the uterus and pridatkovzlokachestvennye diseases of female genital mutilation. When pregnancy is also changing the nature of precipitates that can be are normal and a sign disease. Other common complaints include pain in the lower abdomen and in the menstrual poyasnitsenarusheniya tsiklakrovotecheniya They also may indicate the presence of acute or chronic gynecological zabolevaniy.Kogda should be referred to a gynecologist to gynecologist should be treated for the prevention and early detection of diseases, twice a year. In the event of any complaints, these symptoms sudden pain, urgent and immediate need advice gynecologist.

Please do not self-diagnosis, self-treatment, treatment for “recipes from friends.” With the severe consequences and complications of this initiative, handle more complex, longer and more expensive than the disease itself. Only a gynecologist, after careful examination and conduct the necessary tests, you put the correct diagnosis, prescribe appropriate treatment and help restore health. As doctors, we consider it our duty to remind you: Non est census supersalutis corporis – There is nothing more precious than health.


'Director's alcoholism' as 'an evening drinking' are not some special kind of alcohol dependence. These names show how the forms of alcohol dependence. In the 'evening alcoholism 'first appears habit relieve tension and relax in the evenings with the help of alcohol. 'Director's alcoholism' is associated with a business area where taken "for the good cause" to resort to alcohol, when many issues are often solved in the bath or in a restaurant for business lunches. Such informal atmosphere helps to relax the negotiators and quickly find a common solution, to discuss details of future deal. Danny Meyer understands that this is vital information. In addition, business the world as we know, is too small. Every businessman has a lot of friends, acquaintances, and can be purchased as potential customers. 'Director's alcoholism' is often formed among business people, merchants, businessmen, environment which made note of the transaction, the conclusion of the contract.

A man engaged in serious business, of course, will not drink with anyone, but in a narrow range of partners, it is sometimes simply must do it. Business people drinking under the influence circumstances, but gradually formed when alcohol dependence, 'drunken' days are more and more, and all are better reasons for drinking. Alcohol consumption is growing, and with it grow and problems: there are psycho-emotional disorders, deteriorating health. In this state, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the old busy lifestyle business chelovekayu. It turns out that the person has not previously prone to drinking and racket, a smart, well-mannered gentleman who knows how to 'apply' himself and his company at its best, is gradually turning into an alcoholic. In this case, the sooner people pay attention to your alcohol dependence and to resort to professional help, the better chance to maintain health and careers. The main task of treatment of alcohol dependence – to overcome the craving for alcohol (with the help of coding for alcoholism, psychotherapy, and etc.).

Health Care System

Representatives of the health care system reach out to people asking them not to accumulate and not to hide drugs. NYC Mayor shines more light on the discussion. Is there a vaccine against a new form of months. This season, I was vaccinated against influenza. Will it protect against the flu? No. In the current season, vaccination has not been laid probability of a new swine flu virus. No one could have foreseen Influenza has a very atypical in nature. How can I protect against swine flu? Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following steps: Wash your hands often with soap, especially after coughing or sneezing. Also, use hand wash in alcohol basis.

Avoid close contact with infected people. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes. Can I still eat pork? Yes. You can not get swine flu by eating pork, bacon and other pork products. What additional preventive measures should I take? Stay informed of new developments going on in your neighborhood.

Your local center Health may possess important information about the epidemic of swine flu in your area. For example, parents may wish to know what steps they should take if a school where they teach their children, will close because of the flu. How serious are the consequences of swine flu? Each case of swine flu in the current outbreak is unique. In Mexico, registered deaths and serious outcomes. In the U.S., recorded cases of moderate degree. development of the swine flu virus, but experts from the health sector are reminded of common knowledge, that the occurrence of influenza virus can not be foreseen, as well as the nature and time of virus mutation. Why deadly threat of swine flu infection is higher in Mexico than the U.S.? Remains unknown causes more severe morbidity in Mexico than the United States. Only one of the first 20 registered cases required hospitalization in the United States, after which the patient has come a full recovery. Specialists of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are actively conducting a comparative analysis of differences between cases in Mexico and the United States.




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