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Harvard Professor

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His novels are conspiracy theories for the Dan Brown is not rare even evidence. That makes him popular with his readers, is seen but due to the artistic freedom that takes Dan Brown when writing his novels, from the Vatican more critically. On May 13 is with Illuminati\”another Bestseller by Dan Brown the way on the big screen. \”Three years after the huge success of the da Vinci Code da Vinci Code\” in Illuminati, involves a further mystery of the Catholic Church. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) discovered evidence for the existence of a long as the Illuminati into oblivion troubled underground organization,\”is well known. The society plans to the decisive blow against the Christianity that is hated by him and so starts a breathtaking hunt by Rome for the Harvard Professor and the Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer). With voltage, buecher.de win great prizes raffled at the start of the film highlights of the year. The first place of the sweepstakes is a 500 travel voucher, which can be used depending on your preference. Illuminati-fans can use the voucher for an exciting journey to Rome and in the footsteps of Robert Langdon and the Illuminati.

New York Stock Exchange

In the West and East Village can enjoy restaurants, shops, cafes, historic taverns and music clubs as the White Horse Tavern, place followers of the writer Dylan Thomas and where legend has it that drank their last eighteen cups. Artists, musicians, jugglers and New York University students gather in Washington Square Park and there is always some street performance that join. The Blue Note jazz clubs and the Village Standard are institutions where there have been fixtures of the genre throughout its history. Please visit Rudy Giuliani if you seek more information. The area of Soho, industrial spaces with cast-iron facades that once harbored art galleries, has become in the last decades in commercial premises, with boutiques and clothing stores on both sides of Broadway to Canal Street. Among the stores most popular in Soho are the Japanese boutique Uniqlo and Topshop the British tent. To the West of Soho, TriBeCa neighborhood is home to hotels, restaurants, and the TriBeCa Film Festival at the TriBeCa Film Center, founded by Robert De Niro.

The ethnic quarters of Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side offer the opportunity to appreciate the history of immigration in New York City, and try the food from different countries. In the financial district, you can walk through Wall Street and see the building of the New York Stock Exchange, visit the World Trade Center Memorial and take one of the trasbordadores boats to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. Navigating Manhattan streets in Manhattan are located mostly in the form of grid up to Greenwich Village, which facilitates pedestrian navigation. 5Th Avenue located the Meridian between the East and West of the island, and the beginning of the numbers of buildings in both directions. For example, the address 100 47 Street is one block from 5th Avenue eastbound, and the 100 W 47th Street one block in the opposite direction. Street numbers are higher towards the North of the city and avenues numbers begin on the East River and increase in direction to the Hudson. Between the 5th and 3rd Avenue avenues of Madison, Park and Lexington, are making it a little confusing when looking for an address in the East.

Brazilian Literature

(CHAU, 2002, P. Click NYC Mayor to learn more. 27) the bows if had moored between this faceta Greek and poetical rcade. In a similar way, Gonzaga ‘ ‘ tranquilidade’ had as climate; ‘ (DUTRA, 1997, P. 231), and it acted in its creative process in the one conditions searchs for serenity, after all this is one of the characteristics that return under the form of the escape for the field, for calmed buclico. If for this side the poetry of Gonzaga if approaches in essence of the Greeks, on the other hand, according to Faustino (2003, P. 119), in Gonzaga, yes, already we find insurances romantismo signals, in fight against the maneirismos of the neoclassicismo rococ. Gonzaga is an individualist, a naturalist to the way it century XVIII, an idealistic bourgeois.

even so almost all its poetry is objective, according to dogmas of the neoclassicismo, already it blunts in many verses, in contraposition to the thematic one of the classics, the internalization, the romantic subjetivismo; the variety of the meters, the many taken freedoms, here it is other marks of the romantismo that in Gonzaga already announces its next fond one. As it can be observed, in Gonzaga one strong survival of the neoclssicos ideals meets, as well as embryos of aesthetic the romantic one. However, along with this double abrangncia of characters, it is considered here, as Faustino affirms, the elementaridade of estimated rcades in the writing of Gonzaga, being, therefore, one comes back the origins Greeks so that if it fulfills the task to carry through the anxiety of the spirit of the time. Of everything, what it cannot be left to mention when if speaks in Gonzaga, and ours case in Marlia de Dirceu, it is the force of retaken and recurrence of the classic culture in the form of the poet to lead its lyric one and to pursue the aesthetic ideals en vogue.


This equality, however, does not condition in to think them all in a similar way, since we have the free-will, this is conditional solely to the respect to the next one. It’s believed that Bill de Blasio sees a great future in this idea. In the book of Augustus Cury the situations are diverse where we verify the necessity to have such conscience. Hawk when telling the history of each one of the beggars who live in the square, teaches that the unexpected one supervenes to all, that we cannot foresee the future, that to the times the current state of the person or its skill of being is resulted of the innumerable overturns or difficulties that had in the life. Hawk teaches despite nothing it is guaranteed in the life and that of one hour for another one we can be discarded for the world when this finds that we are not more useful. It is; the world is cruel. On the other hand, another characteristic of Hawk that is well-known and must be followed by all, therefore motivates in them, is the intense will of living, loving the life, that only is not demonstrated by Hawk for as well as diverse other personages of history.

The world is cruel, but the life can wonderfully be beautiful. If only to notice the nature that in the fence, with certainty, we will be astonished and despite in them let us not reveal in explicit way as Marcopolo and Falco, kissing flowers and hugging trees, we are contemplating and of some form being grateful, since the nature is indispensable so that it has life. In the current world, each time more, the people anxious and are estressadas. Hawk, on the other hand, not is estressado, it plays to be imagining what the others are thinking, and nor with regard to its basic necessities, this suffers with the anxiety. Marcopolo demonstrates concern with the friend and in a part it asks if Hawk having given all to the money to one another beggar, was not worried about not having what to eat and Hawk later to affirm surely that not and that in that hour the other beggar was needing what it more than.

The Personage

This takes to remember to imagine it some situations, travels for other dimensions, if it transforms into snake, woman, flies, colloquy with God, devil, mitolgicas figures between as much others and still has the figure of a crow that is constantly to observe it. In this direction it perpassa the existence human being and reflects on same. For (BLANCHOT, 1987, P. 232) ‘ ‘ In the workmanship the man speaks, but the workmanship of the voice, in the man, what it does not speak, to the inomvel, to the inhuman one, what it is truth, without justice, without right, where the man does not recognize itself, is not felt justified. The question of I. ‘ ‘ Who I am? Of where I came? For where I go? ‘ ‘ they are impregnated in this workmanship and represents the essence of the life human being, through the voice that the reader tells perceives that this voice represents all the human beings, for the fact of the questions that we every day make in them to be implicitly placed in the text, that at a first moment is difficult of if understanding since beyond much divagao the text is impregnated of metaforizadas figures. We take as base what it says BLANCHOT (224). ‘ ‘ The workmanship makes to appear what it disappears in objeto’ ‘.

In this particular universe of each personage, the narrator says or better philosopher concerning the existence of each human being. I curse the statutes of the time with its bochorro, stocking night that collects the shades, midnight. The Abuela if twists, espasmos, dream that if to it you bathe they espremem them, go down a fat river, the child dream that it is to the side of the sand sea making castelinhos, the woman inside dream of its marriage, a fianc veil floating of a church, I dream that I am awaken and I see written in the page blank the letters Alpha and Omega, rubbles of a gtico castle on of a hill floating in the high mist, go up with difficulty are a druida temple, inside old priests officiate there, are an indian sioux that vacant for New York, I am a templrio burnt in the fogueira, am a prophet crucificado Persian and flaid, I am a Jew that it looks at fascinated Christ to die in the cross, I am a young Egyptian priest inside of the pyramid, I am I inside of this library thinking about the word: no word will come if me of mago of this night?

Brazilian Civilization

Such act still echoes in analyses made for writers contemporaries. E, what everything indicates, will still echo for much time. For in such a way, we conclude that the barriers imposed for its afrodescendncia are the only not divergent point between the authors. They are contrary in compliments and opinions on its workmanship and capacity, however they always agree when the subject is the amount of melanina in its skin and all the difficulties that this fact can unchain in the life of a person. Fact that does not occur only in Brazil escravocrata, but that it is still crawled in the times of today, in this country whose children, dificultosos in accepting its identity cultural, still load pssimo habit of the superficiality, with some rare exceptions. Thus being, although hard the critical ones received? that very probably still will receive? , it is to incompreendido Cruz and Sousa that we must our participation, despite small, however glorious, in the age Simbolista. This estupendo poet, has perhaps intended only to be seen as equal its coevos, however, surpassed the proper expectations absurdly better becoming.




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