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So in the case of notebooks: there are common rules of operation, as well as typical signs that indicate about any problems with your laptop. Let's start with the necessary rules of operation of laptops: 1. We do not recommend Eating and drinking of different drinks to enjoy when working with a laptop, because ingress of liquid into the laptop, at best, will cost you to work on the demolition and cleaned the keyboard (which is about 2,000 rubles), and the worst is over replacing the motherboard, which is half the cost of the laptop. 2. As with any technique, do not put your laptop in place under the constant influence of direct sunlight. 3.

When carrying desirable to use a special laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks, with shockproof, sealed walls, as any vibration or shock can lead to very serious and costly consequences. 4. Since our Service Center has been repairing laptops for a long time, and our master saw all, we want to warn you about the behavior of domestic animals, which in retaliation for the harsh action of the owners, have the habit to celebrate need for keyboard favorite laptop ….:)) The consequences – in most cases – replace the motherboard. Note that the case is very common! 5. Since in our country, power failures are not uncommon, especially in winter, and to low voltage deviation from the provisions of 220, we even used, the notebooks – the case is special, and get used to this state of affairs it is difficult.




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