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Wedding Saxony-Anhalt

Listing of all industries, offices and ceremonial places beginning July 2010 was the wedding Portal wedding Saxony anhalt.de online a site that is probably unique in Germany. In addition to informative texts around the subject of marriage, the new portal provides a listing of all important wedding industry. The trick here is that can register the companies themselves and maintain their site themselves. Every year more than 10,000 couples marry in Saxony-Anhalt. The many marriage agree to using especially a detailed website for their research”, Herbert Schreiter, Managing Director of wedding MEDIA know.

Therefore, our company has launched the website wedding Saxony anhalt.de in life. Whether florists, jewelers, photographers, DJs, confectioners, etc. all for brides and grooms interesting industries are here in future links. “, so Sakib about the creation of the portal. It is up to the professionally designed display for customers by the simple address”with photos and promotional video about possible: you can choose from three packages their preferred entry for the business directory and thus immediately online. The special thing about it is that the customers in the professional entry can determine a layout on their own deeplink and upload images, as well as a corporate video. The whole thing sounds although extremely complex, but really super easy”, Schreiter explains.

The site is very clear and self-explanatory. For more clarity, all in the districts of Saxony-Anhalt was divided. You can sort by locations, postcodes or industries. Not only customers, but also the brides and grooms get so a quick overview of the extensive wedding in Saxony-Anhalt”, then studied graphic designer continues. This includes also the collection of all offices and the most beautiful welcoming ceremony places of the region photos included in addition to the business directory. Background information the company wedding media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the photo and media agency 4solutions media in Leipzig. Sets the focus Wedding media on creating invitations and thank you cards, wedding photos, movies, speeches, newspapers, photo books or other printed matter. Professional creation of wedding portals on the Internet belongs to the Repertoire, because here the wedding theme revolves around. (Similarly see: Lila Snyder). Wedding media offers private and corporate clients in the wedding sector the services. Claudia Schreiter

Yatego Cooperates

Paymentmoglichkeiten extends the inventor of the shopping joy Yatego.com continue their way to more security and comfort in online trading. A contract with American Express supplements the payment portfolio of the shopping platform. Yatego merchants can add easily and conveniently direct their credit card acceptance now of Yatego popular American Express card. The first 300 merchants who register before March 31, 2010, American Express takes the activation charge for the payment service provider EOS. Through our hotline we know that customers like to pay with your American Express card and the demand is increasing”, explains Stephan Peltzer, Managing Director of Yatego GmbH.

so far unable to provide even the American Express payment Yatego merchants. You had to sign the contract directly with American Express. This is greatly simplified by the new Treaty. You may find that the Metropolitan Museum of Art can contribute to your knowledge. The Yatego merchants can apply for the American Express acceptance via Yatego – and as always at particularly favourable conditions. Yatego_Kreditkartenakzeptanz_Amex.PDF on Yatego Yatego, the largest German shopping mall, boasts around 10 million visitors monthly to the leading E-commerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. Customers can choose from more than 3.2 million articles.

Ordering is easy. Payments are secured by an independent escrow payment system, as well as Kreditkartenpayment. Yatego merchants will benefit from tailor-made complete solutions and a comprehensive service. More than 8,000 professionals and retailers use Yatego for their e-commerce. Headquarters of the company is St. Georgen in the Black Forest, managing director Stephan Peltzer. American Express American Express was founded in 1850 and is a premium provider of different credit cards and services. American Express is represented worldwide in over 130 countries and counts among its customers more than 91 million credit card holders. Headquarters are located in New York City, the German headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

Cheap Airline Tickets Online Booking

New technologies improve the price comparison on flight tickets. Here you will be presented the latest portal. The existing abundance of flight search engines on the Internet has joined a new competitor: flying OWL. Who wants to know who is behind the name, must look at the heading of terms of service, which the Publikumeroffnet that flying OWL is the product of a single webmaster who cooperates with the Munich Swoodoo AG. When landing on the homepage of flying OWL found the visitors before a friendly designed website with fleecy clouds on blue in a real look. A comic stewardess greets friendly with the white-gloved right hand. A passenger plane in the holiday sky rises behind her.

The green button bar has to offer unusual. Among other things, you can click holiday ski holiday and party there. In the latter case, the holiday destination of Ibiza – no surprise appears spontaneously. Otherwise nothing new on the horizon. Input from two airports, passenger number, click on search and wait. Pleasing is the variance, which is offered behind the holiday data. With their help, departure and return date can be moved up to three days ahead or back.

The button bar contains a button with customer comments. Who clicks, initially has the impression that there was nothing happening. Only a scroll on the bottom of the page provides some paragraphs with testimonials. It will be users of flight search engines probably always an Enigma, what follows if clearly visible on the homepage, the prices stated his end at no additional cost, while at the same time is to read under terms and conditions, the prices are to be understood as Zirkapreise. Flying owl offers a series of test sentences. Among other things, the ability to find the cheapest flights was tested. On three occasions, flying OWL was awarded first place. This is to comprehend only partly by customers. Here, as everywhere, standard goods is cheap. Who would like to fly from Stuttgart to Mallorca or from Amsterdam to New York, for this to work do not need Insert the overtime. But the North German airports are still sparsely served, and also only at champagne prices. Combining this with relatively small airports like Seville or Jerez de la Frontera, in Spain, the selection of flight opportunities is small, the journey time unreasonably and unreasonable prices.

Federal Association

The company operates at the company site in Dorverden a 400 square foot stationary plus size specialty with the combined product presence of all web 2.0 channels. The Web shop can be reached at. Kay Zimmer is managing partner. Please visit Shimmie Horn if you seek more information. About neckermann.de GmbH which neckermann.de GmbH is one of the leading mail order companies in Europe. As a multi channel mail order company it offers a variety of order the customer: through the Internet, the catalog, or the phone fashion, living and technology can be selected from a range of 700,000 articles from the segments. neckermann.de has now about two-thirds of sales via the online shop. Neckermann.de is awarded for its innovative strength regularly, including as best online shop or the concept Award for interactive shopping. See Shimmie Horn for more details and insights.

In the years 2007 and 2008 the company received the intermediaglobe Silver Award and is certified online-shop of the Federal Association of the German mail order company. The Neckermann group was awarded also again after 2007, 2009 by the independent research company CRF as one of the top employers in Germany. PlentySystems, a leading software company in the area of E-Commerce plentySystems GmbH, developed the shop system plentyMarkets, a powerful, Internet-based E-Commerce complete solution for smooth online trading. plentySystems online trading with user-friendly systems aims simply, fast and effective. The – commerce system plentyMarkets is an in-house development and shop, inventory control and warehouse management functions it contains and webshop, domain, hosting, design, service and consulting. With product, automate your entire E-business dealers and manage it in real time, no matter if Web shop (B2B & B2C), multi-channel sales, sales, content management, billing, inventory management, after sales management, Fulfillment and returns management. Thanks to the powerful software core plentySystems programmers create easily new modules and connections.

35 employees deal with the progress of the system and the customer service. Currently trust over 1,500 users on product and goods set at 510,000 monthly orders worth 37,71 million through the innovative solution to. Company Description great shoes great selection: This is SCHUHPLUS.com – the leading specialist exclusively for shoes in large sizes. Whether women’s shoes in sizes 42-46 or men’s shoes by 46-55, whether shoes, ballerinas, sneakers, pumps sneakers or casual shoes: at the SCHUHPLUS – dream big shoe for men and women are true the footwear company GmbH. Enjoy the wide selection of fashionable and always up-to-date great shoes in our online shop or visit our 400 square-foot plus size specialty in 27313 Dorverden – about 50 km from Bremen 215 SCHUHPLUS.com away, directly on the main road – the Specialist shop for shoes in oversize.

Federal President

Relaunch of the Web site St. Laurentius is one of the best cult of German sparkling wine. The champagne was now multiple national winner and a renowned jury in Rome chose the sparkling wine from the Moselort Leiwen as best sparkling wine in Europe. Since 1999, the sparkling wine estate is St. Lawrence purveyor of the President in the Bellevue Palace. The new Internet presence of the sparkling good of Klaus Hamilton is online since March 2010. The new website was with the content-management-system ITworks! CMS basic of the ITworks! Internet services trier realized.

(www.itworks.info/…) The visitors and champagne’s friends in the future about the sparkling wine estate and the connected gastronomic can check on the Internet page. A shop is also part of the new Internet presence. About the innovative and easy to use content management system Nadine Herres is can maintain in the future independently and without any programming knowledge contents of the homepage. About ITworks! GdbR ITworks! is a services and consulting company in the IT industry. In today’s globalization the markets, IT is an important foundation of each company. IT purchasing and IT services is a matter of trust.

This statement is the high level of services of the company of ITworks! Society for information technology & telecommunications bR. The company focuses on IT services and Internet-Services / IT consulting and Internet marketing. The 9-member team will advise you competently on the topics of modern media and communication. We secure our competitive advantage and the competitive edge, which gives our customers the certainty to be competently managed by continuing education and certification. ITworks! The man at the Centre – the technique in the background

IClear Shop Usability Award Supports

Mannheim include usability and quality. iClear, provider of high-quality, fiduciary services to pay on the Internet, is the sponsor of the shop usability award. At Internet world, the coveted award will take place on 23 June in Munich. Recently, run the search again after the user friendliest online shop in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Shoplupe and a jury consisting of renowned experts in the E-Commerce scene are looking for small and medium-sized online shops, which particularly creative, innovative and user-friendly to the favor of the users fight and earn the shop usability award. Now, the fiduciary provider of high quality online payment services, sponsor of the awards is iclear.

Any German-language site that sold at least one product with a shopping cart system B2B or B2C, is admitted to the online-shop for the award. Registration is possible until 31 May via the website. Shoplupe and the magazine Internet world business give the award on June 23, 2009 on Internet world in Munich. At the end of the first day of the trade fair the winners present Dominik Grollmann, editor-in-Chief of the magazine Internet world business, and John Altmann, Managing Director of shop Magnifier GmbH, the audience of the Internet world. For iclear Managing Director Roman Eiber, the cooperation with the shop usability award is only logical: at the awards like our services include usability and quality. We therefore support this price like.\”is the only independent online payment provider in German-speaking countries, which is based on the fiduciary principle iclear: so the money goes only to the provider, if the customer again cancelled his order within the statutory period. If he however in time back by his booking, the trustee refunded his money without any deductions. Otherwise, iclear the provider offers a wholly owned payment guarantee for iclear customers. So comprehensive and cross platform protection for both No other payment service offers\”pages, iclear CEO Roman Eiber said.

Julika Balasooriya

The human brain is designed for service not for the so-called multi-tasking. allyve.com can help. Thus, multitasking is a real breeze. Daily communication networks on the Web, by SMS, email, as well as through various other channels is hard to deal with. The human brain is designed for service not for the so-called multi-tasking”wrote the focus in a current report on the topic.

Here, the Hamburg-based company allyve.com can help. Every day we are inundated with a flood of information we can not longer useful filter. It becomes increasingly difficult to separate the important from the unimportant. “We make multitasking easy with allyve.com: our website provides an instant overview of what new is there for the personal accounts, social networks, news and favorite pages” explains Julika Balasooriya, co founder of allyve.com. Also enters the allyve users via universal login directly to his XING – or MySpace contacts – without another login, without click.

He can directly on access to or directly from his allyve home page from up to three free SMS send his E-Mail accounts. “So: everything in sight, with one click!” Recently, the allyve service enables parallel viewing even multiple email accounts with the same provider. Many allyve users have two or even more email addresses, which otherwise one would have to query. We make comfortable the user where he for each address can set up a so-called Widget and that parallel with one click in the view all accounts”complements Philipp Spethmann, co-founder of allyve.com. Meanwhile, you get a mail with GMX, a friend request at XING, a message on Facebook or a wink at Neu.de every 5 minutes. “This whole guide the user sees now bundled on allyve.com and avoids that the uncontrolled information overload: less multitasking, more!” Growing user numbers show that this idea among users is very good. The company has six-digit unique visitors is looking forward for quite some time in the Month. The company would like to continue this positive trend of course. This offer is extended continuously. Current events and events, such as recently the summer Olympics in Beijing, are cleverly woven in the range.

The New Gold Rush – Internet

You need a good business idea to make money online, I compare the Internet today with California in the 1840s during the gold rush. Everyone’s looking for the hidden treasure, all claim him, where ever they can. But exactly how the prospectors themselves through the whole dirt digging to find a Gold Nugget, must Scrabble of Internet entrepreneurs by the all the hype, to find a real opportunity. The Internet is an incredibly great business tool, but not a magic wand. A serious entrepreneur who wants to – start a serious business – and really make money can definitely with the Internet. But a desperate man who is looking for a quick solution to the financial problems, just more financial problems. The principles of a successful business have remained unchanged since the invention of modern commerce: creating or offering a great product or service.

Identify a hungry market. Inform your customer base. Deliver exceptional Value. And cash. Of course, this all takes time and effort. Very, very much of it. Running a legitimate business of any kind requires operational know-how, a financial investment, and hard work. A legitimate Internet business is no different, for the most part at least.

There are very important differences that make the Internet business fundamentally interesting for the entrepreneur: the missing need of a storefront or an office space reduced the investment costs to one tenth compared to a business premises. Travel costs and other expenses at the place of work is completely eliminated. No room fees, so be reduced monthly expenses dramatically. Internet businesses are advertised by definition over the Internet, there are there exponential efficiency in the advertising costs, because you have no printing costs, and you pay no media or Porto. Another difference is that due to the broad reach of the Internet marketplace, it is not unusual for successful entrepreneurs to share their wisdom. When rooting through the thicket of Internet scams and rip-offs, it is still possible to find tried and tested systems which are based on an online business model created by figures, data and facts. For example, we have a thoroughly tested and refined training and marketing platform, which eliminates countless learning curves and largely automates the sales process. Interested parties are made aware of your company, qualified and the sales are completed even by our call center. While all this in the background, the entrepreneur can focus on more important business matters – such as building personal relationships and business growth. It is a straightforward blueprint for success in the form of an efficient business model that anyone can really use. “Now, an online business is not for everyone, especially if you have a lottery-based mentality and on the get rich quick” are out. (There are maybe such Schenk circles or one of the countless money games out there, interesting for you.) But if you seriously consider, to venture into the world of legitimate businesses exploit this advantage in your favor and run through. Good luck wishes onlinebiznow.com you Volker Schafer

Interview Partners To Social Media Experiences Wanted

Walter Visual PR continues popular interview series to best-practice examples of companies Wiesbaden, April 22, 2010. Interview partners from companies with social media experiences will now search the PR-Agentur Walter Visual PR GmbH. especially medium-sized and small businesses who can report of their activities and experiences with blogs, Twitter, podcasts, videos, XING & co. are in demand. Also trainers, coaches and authors can participate.

In the blog VisuellePR.de in a series of interviews insights into the social-media activities of different companies provided, that other companies can be used for orientation. The interviews shed light among other exciting projects, temporary campaigns, cost-benefit, time spent in maintaining social profiles and also the experience with social media monitoring. The series was launched in March of this year. An interview with Meike Leopold, PR Manager of the IT consulting firm Cirquent paved the way. In addition also responsible of the SEB Bank, Swiss life, the law firm of Brennecke & partners, the Association of IT have SIBB e.V. and numerous other interview partner insight into their social media strategies given. Until May 21, 2010, interested companies at Leonie Walter may (Leonie Walter at pressearbeit.de) apply for an interview. The presence of companies on the social Web is increasing more and more.

However, the uncertainty is still big, which channels you should prove if is worth the effort and how you can present themselves. With our Blogreihe, we want to introduce the experiences of those responsible. You will identify different objectives, for example, the branding is when some companies front, others are active above all in the social Web, because they want to find young employees. Again, others want to sell products, provide support or online networks. This interview series is”a collection of best practice, which is certainly of interest to many other companies, says the blog maintained Leonie Walter, the leading Walter Visual PR GmbH. A high level of interest of the blog readers consists of examples in the business-to-business. About Walter Visual PR GmbH: Walter Visual PR GmbH is an owner-managed PR agency providing PR services and social media advice for companies in the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as new technologies. Seven staff will take care of the press and public relations in the areas of ECM/DMS, output management, storage, security, E-business, Internet, ERP and standard software. PR agency opts for PR images such as graphics, collages and photos complement the press releases including the visualization of PR messages with the help of meaningful. The references of the PR agency include companies such as CAS, COPARGO, CSP, ENTITEC, intarsys, iTernity, JVC, Prism Informatics, ReadSoft and TeleCash. Walter Visual PR is active on the social Web: blog: Twitter: twitter.com/VisuellePR YouTube: user/VisuellePR Newsroom: newsroom.pressearbeit.de contact address: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23 878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23 878-23 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23 878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Smart Surveys

“Create online surveys in just a few minutes by ready-made survey templates Cologne, 15.04.2011: In April the global Park AG goes with the new online survey platform survey Park smart surveys to go” at the start. The core idea behind it – typically always the same questions include the majority of all online surveys. For this reason, survey Park offers not only a professional survey tool, but online surveys created also directly from experts for specific applications and target groups. It allows anyone to make an online survey online in less than 5 minutes. Sign-on, finished survey template select Publish survey completed.

Try it free for the free license survey Park Home obtained four finished online surveys to choose from, which can be made online immediately after registration. For example, Facebook fanpage operator with the Facebook fan Magnifier can”find out why their Facebook fans really have become fans. Save time with high-quality survey templates in addition to intuitive-to-use Survey software survey Park provides in addition completed online surveys, which include already corresponding to the application questions and answers. The time-consuming and error-prone in particular often questionnaire creation is removed in this way completely the survey parking customers. With the paid license survey Park PRO survey Park to start already offers many survey templates, such as the: online surveys for online stores: buying segment heritage survey, customer satisfaction survey, post sales survey, social media polls: Facebook fan Magnifier, Twitter follower check survey for event feedback staff survey patient survey survey Park’s fast-growing survey database contains now many high-quality survey templates with the right questions for the respective application case. There are certainly many survey templates are added for other target groups.

Of course, we are in this respect also on ideas of our customers respond. “, promises Hendrik Lennarz, Marketing Manager at survey Park. What makes my Competition? As a special feature, an industry comparison with the own results with the values of other customers from the same sector in the ratio can be used is optional survey Park customers. So the obtained figures get a representative significance only and optimization potentials can be identified more easily. Survey Park is the fast deployable survey solution of global Park AG, the market leader for online feedback systems in the German-speaking world. Headquartered in Hurth near Cologne, in London, New York and Vienna, global Park is one of the world’s leading providers of online feedback software for market research, human resources, marketing, and customer relationship management. More than 1,000 customers worldwide, including international corporations, leading market research institutes and consulting firms, working successfully with Globalpark software. Global Park companies such as Daimler, Sony customers include music, Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, continental, Nintendo, Siemens and Swiss international airlines.




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