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Arthur Toscanini

It contributes tambin to us that emol.com/noticias/ The one that demanded perfection to itself and to its turned it musicians into " teacher assoluto" , celebrated, admired and venerated in all the scenes of the world, from New York to Milan. Some remember plus their attacks of fury that its music. When Arthur Toscanini got upset, it did in serious: Once the Italian squashed with his foot a pocket clock. Again, he kicked the lectern. And the destroyed baton almost became its sign of identity. Those knew that it usually use words like " dictador" or " hunger of poder" when they talk about the activities of Toscanini.

One says, that or outside Beethoven or Verdi, only was a thing: fidelity to the work. It wanted to make justice with the score nothing else and. And it rejected the interpretations or differentiations categorically. The cult to the figure of the director disgusted to him. The critics described their position as " slavery of partitura". When in an occasion it directed powerful the first movement of " Eroica" of Beethoven, the slight son of tailor commented: " Some say that it is Napoleon, the other Hitlers, another Mussolini. For me it is simply Allegro with brio".

A poisonous critic of the director, Theodor philosopher W. Adornment, considered this music born from the meticulous fidelity to the work " product acabado" , and to Toscanini, " teacher of capilla" or " marker of comps". The 16 of January of 1957, Arthur Toscanini died in New York with almost ninety years. In spite of the hard rivalries with some of his colleagues and some bitter critic, surely he was the most famous director of centuries XIX and XX. Original author and source of the article.

Leju Sina

As it increases to the number of internauts and the rate of spreading of the network, the Chinese companies related to Internet behave more actively in the global market and the operations of more frequent capital are every day. The 2 of April of 2009, Changyou, company of games that it belongs to Sohu, entered the Nasdaq of stock-market of New York. Thus, Sohu became the first Chinese company related to Internet that counts on two companies in stock market. The actions of Changyou were acquired by a value 19 times superior to the original price and had an initial quote of 22.06 dollars, with an ascent of 37.9%. The 26 of September of 2009, Shanda Games landed in the Nasdaq, which means a good beginning so that Shanda becomes a company with quote.

Leju Sina is the third case of value of the Initial Public Supply abroad. The 16 of October, the Corporation of Information of Real estate of China (JACK, abbreviations in English), a mixed company of capital of Leju Sina and Ehouse China, began to quote in the Nasdaq with a price of exit of 12.28 dollars, more of the predicted thing. The analysts think that the successful quote in JACK stock market supposes the acceleration of the internetizacin of the real estate industry and the approval on the part of the foreign market of the Chinese suppliers of services for Internet. Speaking of the export of the force of Internet in China in 2009, the beginning of the use of the dominion of .? in Chinese characters, instead of .cn, is a symbolic event. The 16 of November of 2009, China officially presented/displayed the request of the dominion .? to the Commission of Internet for the Allocation of Names and Numbers (ICANN, abbreviations in English), that approved the use of such form in the network. It is anticipated that at the beginning of 2010, the Chinese internauts worldwide will be able to key the Chinese characters in the dominions and directions of the pages Web. From that moment, the Chinese companies will count on their own dominions in Chinese and they will not need to transcribe them to the Latin alphabet. Xiong Xiaoge, one of the founders of Capital IDG, indicates that paralelamente to the growth of the number of the Chinese cybernauts, that will be able to surpass 300 million, a greater space for the development of Internet in China will be offered.




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