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Rockefeller Chase Manhattan Bank

The trap was borrowed in large banks in New York and London petrodollars 'recycling'. These 'eurodollar' banks provide dollar loans to desperate Third World countries initially on a "floating rates" tied to the London rate of LIBOR. When the LIBOR rate rose during the month by about 300% as a result of the Volcker shock […]

Dollar Operators

Night view Asia / Europe Japan market closed for a holiday The greenback reeling from the uncertainty of the economic rescue operators aware of the uncertainty and not for publications The day’s events All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 10 : 00am, Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, will testify 10:00 am USD HPI m / […]

Clearing House

The latter circumstance through evolution led to the development of standard exchange contracts with delivery goods on time and their treatment as independent objects of exchange trade. The main reason and the need for the development of futures trading is that the latter provides the lifting of those restrictions that have trade directly exchange goods. […]