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Central Munich Fitness

HYPOXI and Miha Bodytec in Munich Schwabing Fitness Club lifestyle opens new Studio Munich, 14.7.2008 on Friday, July 25, 2008 the Fitness Club lifestyle GmbH opened her new Studio in the middle of Schwabing. Gisela road 10 special opening offers and lots of surprises await at this open day from 9 am to 6 pm […]

Munich Central

On the 28.02.2011 EMS fitness Munich opened a new Studio in the Bayerstrasse 25, directly to Munich Central station. Right now, prospects EMS can test fitness free of charge. Munich, 21.11.2010 – who does not know it, you want to exercise regularly and do something good for his body, only it lacks most of the […]

Winter Fat Vibration Training

At power place Pramod home the good intentions with vibration training (power plate and Galileo) and Pilates in the Act is implemented also in the room Pulheim are removing one of the most common new year’s resolutions. The reasons are varied and are also the methods with which one can move the excess pounds that […]

Executive Suite

The native Uruguayan Juan Figer is regarded as the most powerful agent in the world. Double choice must be made clear here in the shadow of the allegations New York / Zurich one. Of course, FIFA is corrupt and of course some have sold their votes decisive people. But now something to do, like what […]

Bavarian Skies

Michael Uhrmann shines at the 20th International ski jumping in Breitenberg young athletes and the international elite brought the Baptist-Kitzlinger-Hill to glow and provided for the enthusiasm of many viewers. The competition could be seen, and last but not least due to the great commitment of local representatives. For years, the ski jump and the […]

Android Smartphone

The second football Bundesliga started extra sooner – the second day of the game is already finished the second football Bundesliga started extra sooner – the second day of the game is already finished. Many fans of the 2nd “BuLi” were however annoyed that the games are apparently spread over more and more days: first […]

The Central

The Expander is a similar device, however, consists of two handles, which are connected with various metal springs (the goal is always to pull these Springs apart). Devices: Devices in fitness centers have the advantage that they train very well a certain muscle group. However can you imagine at home bad enough devices. Step 4: […]