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That Will Bring A New Climate Agreement …

The UN Climate Conference had heated debates, thousands of protesters and a new climate agreement. Danny Meyer contributes greatly to this topic. Russia will play an important role in solving problems of global warming. Russian President signed the climate the doctrine of the . What is global warming? Natural disasters in the past year have caused less trouble than in the past. In Australian koalas found aids.

French people prefer organic food to eco-friendly. Photofact week: The country that goes under the water Overview of events for the week of 14/12/2009 to 20/12/2009. un Climate Conference: heated debates, thousands of protesters, a new agreement on climate is not easy gives out the second, final, week of the un Climate Conference on Climate Change. A few days before the Climate Forum, which gathered representatives from 193 countries around the world, many said that summit ends in failure, but a new climate agreement will not be accepted. For example, some Russian scientists said yesterday that un climate conference ends in failure. The fact that to achieve the conclusion of legally binding treaty in Copenhagen will be difficult, Secretary of State expressed the Spanish Climate Change Teresa Ribera. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that the unhappy proceedings reach agreement on a new agreement aimed at combating global warming.

The danger of collapse warn forum members and Chancellor Angela Merkel: She urged all participants conference to do everything possible to ensure successful completion of the summit. The Russian delegation also actively encouraged to agree on a new treaty. At some point the forum and did was paralyzed.

TOP Warming

Air Europe became cleaner and led to a warming of the continent According Netherlands Meteorological Heerta Jan van Oldenborha, the air in Europe the past 30 years has become cleaner due to a decline in recent decades, the concentration of particles of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Because of this improvement of the ecological situation in Europe have decreased the number of fog and smog in urban areas Europe. So, for example, found that since 1980 the number of smog days in European cities was reduced by half. But French scientists accuse become cleaner air in Europe as a sharp warming of the European climate. Sharp warming, in their opinion, cause a decline in recent decades, air pollution, but the rate of air purification are reduced, and growth temperatures in Europe will soon slow down. Typically, warming of our planet associated primarily with an increase in greenhouse gases associated with human activity, but French scientists have shown that emission reductions can also lead to warming.

They note that struggle to reduce industrial emissions, which started in 1980 has increased the transparency of the air. This facilitated the access of solar radiation to the surface of the Earth, its more intense heat, which led to an increase average annual temperatures. For the production of 'Coca Cola' use of dried insects, the Company 'Coca-Cola' had to uncover the secret of his famous drink. It turns out, popular among people of different ages soda Coca-Cola colored food dye made from insects. The composition of the extract for the preparation of the Coca-Cola, in addition to some exotic vegetable oils, is a natural dye carmine, which is derived from dried insect cells called 'cochineal' or 'scale insects. " The area of its distribution includes Armenia, Azerbaijan and Poland, but the most prolific and valuable scale insects took a fancy Mexican cacti.

Allegedly scientists, carmine is completely harmless and is widely used for textile dyeing and in the food industry for over 100 years. Carmine tint not only soda, but also a variety of pastries, some dairy products. The only thing that has drawn criticism from 'green' – is that to produce 1 gram of carmine have to destroy a huge number of insects. Photofact: TOP-24 most unusual terrestrial creatures fauna of our planet quite rich and varied. To learn how to look like some animals, we know from early childhood. But amidst all the diversity of wildlife are sometimes found rather interesting specimen, which we never had any see. Sometimes not always possible to believe in the existence of our planet is so unusual animals. Madagascan , fish-drop , axolotl, and many other amazing creatures caught in the rating Earth's most unusual creatures. ECOportal.ru offer you the Pictures of the most unusual wildlife species of the Earth:. To view the complete version of the article and discuss it can be found here: ECOportal.ru




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