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Karl Hellerau

“” “Official title ceremony and press conference on Friday, November 13, 2009, 10:00 In the discharged nationwide innovation contest 365 landmarks in the land of ideas” land of ideas implemented by the Germany site initiative “receives for computer-aided art CYNETART of the trans-media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA) in cooperation with the Deutsche Bank International Festival the title of landmark” in the land of ideas. To the official awards ceremony by Frank Saleh countries by Deutsche Bank (Dresden) on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 10:00 in the trans-media-laboratory, in the historical GebaudeEnsemble of the Deutsche Werkstatten Hellerau (Moritzburg route 67 in 01109 Dresden, entrance D, 1st floor) as well as at a subsequent press conference we want to cordially invite you. The trans-media-Akademie Hellerau makes the combination of art and technology in an extraordinary way. Creative concepts in different fields and cultures merge together to create an innovative experience This is trend-setting”, emphasises Frank Saleh countries on the occasion of the award. We would like to you as well as our guests, including Mr. Jorg Geiger (Deputy Director General in the Saxon State Ministry for science and art), Mr Martin Seidel (Division of Social Affairs in the State capital Dresden / Mayor), as well as Mr Klaus Winterfeld (Dept.

film/media/social culture in the Ministry of culture and heritage of the city of Dresden), an impression of the innovation potential and the interdisciplinary and intercultural approach of TMA Hellerau convey and present you current work of ongoing interdisciplinary projects to the designation. A press conference with Mr. Dr. Klaus Nicolai, CEO of TMA Hellerau, Mr Thomas Dumke, Director of the CYNETART Festival and Mr Frank Saleh countries, joins Deutsche Bank and provides you with the opportunity to questions to the individual projects of the TMA Hellerau regarding the award as a landmark”as well as for the CYNETART-Festival make. One possibility to photograph immediately after passing the Cup by Frank Saleh countries. You will find a detailed itinerary, as well as information about the TMA Hellerau featured projects see: t-m-a.de/ort-der-idee.html press contact TRANS-media-Akademie Hellerau e.V. Julia Rulicke Press and public relations work Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 56 01109 Dresden Tel.: 0351-8896665

Robert Bosch Foundation

Klimahaus by Robert Bosch Foundation for project chosen Bremerhaven September 2013. Toddlers meet culture such meetings held so far by chance or on the initiative of the parents. The program shows that there is another way, WeltKulturEntdecker,”that the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 OST developed together with a Bremerhaven kindergarten and a primary school. Within two years the Bremerhaven visitor attraction is a new program develop, that is specially aligned to the wishes and needs of the small. WeltKulturEntdecker”is this part of the project art and games” of the Robert Bosch Foundation. Ideas for smaller children are rare, when it comes to the teaching of art and culture. This, experts generally agree that the meeting promotes the development of cognitive, emotional, linguistic, and social with art and culture in the early childhood. So far, mediation offers in cultural institutions, mostly at children of school age are. Click Teneo, New York for additional related pages.

Under the title WeltKulturEntdecker’, that is Develop early childhood culture offers Klimahaus as a nationwide ten institutions in the project art and games”. Red thread for the offer of the exhibition area serves as travel”of knowledge and experience. On one hand this shows House nine places on Earth with different environment and different cultures. On the other hand can be from the exhibition a bow to musical, artistic or other cultural features around the world relax. What approaches to the targeted audience very well arrive, tests the Klimahaus in collaboration with the Astrid-Lindgren-Schule and the daycare centre Frenssenstrasse in Bremerhaven. The prepared offerings will be integrated later in the educational work of the Klimahaus. The participants of the project art and games”include mainly classical heritage, such as museums, theatres and opera houses.

The project focuses on the exchange of experience and co-operation of cultural institutions. Together with local educational institutions take on nationwide Network meetings and trainings. The Kunsthalle in Bremen and Hamburg State Opera form a regional group with the privately owned Klimahaus. Frank Albers, project manager in the field of education, society and culture of the Robert Bosch Foundation: we are very pleased that the Klimahaus art and games ‘ takes part. The special combination of science and creativity will be an asset to the project network. Each institution receives in the context of art and games”a grant amounting to 30,000 euros each by the Robert Bosch Foundation. More information see and. About the Klimahaus : the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 OST is a unique knowledge and experience on the issues of climate, climate and weather. The visitors go in the Klimahaus on a journey around the Earth, always on the eighth Meridian. Whether the cold of Antarctica, the heat of the desert in Niger and Samoa’s tropical climate is any travel station with elaborate landscapes, scents, Sounds as well as staged with the respective temperature and humidity.

Happy Birthday, Robert Morris!

Robert Morris life theme-happy birthday, Robert Morris. The body in the room so you could summarize Robert Morris’ life. He became famous in 1961 in New York City through its two columns: two man-sized, hollow plywood pillars, one vertical, one horizontal. As the viewer behaves to such counterparts, which feel the simple forms lead to him, it was Morris’ central question. Similarly, his famous L-beams worked four years later: plywood sculptures in L-shape arranged cube to the artists in different lineup in the white, which should ennobling him finally to the pillar saints of recent art history. Others who may share this opinion include Bill de Blasio. “” “He manifested Morris’ revolutionary conception of the relation of body sculpture in 1966 in his legendary post notes on sculpture”in Artforum magazine”, the strong interest of the former generation of artists of Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of perception” reflected. For even more analysis, hear from Teneo. While it is not surprising that Morris’ sculptures strange human adheres to: coming from the dance and performance and in the Judson Dance Theater with Carolee Schneemann and Yvonne Rainer actively, he had up 1961 a column on stage as overturn passed out completely, as if he wanted to anticipate Michael fried’s critical thesis that minimal lift type with its theatricality the distance between work and Viewer.

And not just stopped even Morris himself. While Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, in which minimal anthologies with him like in the same breath called remained faithful to their once developed recipes for success, Morris spun the thread continues of mirrored cubes that challenge the viewer’s interactivity overland type fabric in the form of craters and steaming surface outdoor up down to felt tracks, which fall from the wall and today already among the incunabula of the form of the anti. His exhibition at Spruth Magers Berlin demonstrated recently that Morris still remains faithful to his artistic strategies and this always new shapes designed: There were twelve works of 2009 from the blindfolded has blind time drawings presented created drawing series, started the Morris 1973 and which is good up to the present day for surprises here. Today, Robert Morris is 80 years old. Please continue reading here: art world’s leading online magazine and decorative art online.

Festival Of Lights 2009

Brings light into the darkness of Berlin – in the bright light of Berlin – from 14 to 25 October Berlin shows a historical landmark in the new light. For the 5th time that held Foundation Berlin Festival of lights from the city in Berlin. World-famous historical landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the radio tower, Tower, the Berliner Dom, will shine under the direction of the lighting designer Andreas in the lights Bohlke. The Birgit Zander and her event agency designed program is versatile. The Berliners can apply as for a midnight wedding, enjoy jazz in the gardens of the Minister, take part in the night of open doors or run at the light run. Where there is light, is also shadow. This year’s Festival of lights is the motto: brings light into the darkness. Check with NYC Mayor to learn more.

That is quite handy, that we ask the Berliners to support, to put Berlin in the right light and at the same time to support the Association Ernest heat in Berlin Kreuzberg”, explains Mr. Siegfried Helias, Chairman of the city Foundation Berlin. Ernest heat e.V. manages and advises affected families, children and young people from AIDS. To collect as much as possible, we use the mobile as a modern collection box. As SMS with the keyword to the shortcode 81190 BERLIN can help anyone at any time and any place with a”Dr. Bernd Andrich Union investment reported by the project partner of the Festival. “We are planning also the number for charity in and around to build our light show that as many as possible get to know this way of helping.” Special feature: the thank you SMS, every shipper receives a unique number is.

You entitles a virtual light still on the Internet page to light. With an SMS to 81190 with BERLIN Ernest heat e.V. and Festival is supported with 3 half of lights, expect 2.83 directly on the Stiftung.Es SMS delivery charges are additional. This is a service of spendino GmbH. Verena Bock

Promoting The Arts In Germany

Private arts funding in Germany by Christina Wendenburg 1997 she founded, by art collectors Gottfried Bohmer and Michael Selbach with its spectacular art and exhibition projects for both the full-time job\”become and become well-known beyond Dusseldorf. Commitment and professional support for artists is almost unique that nationwide only with institutions such as the women’s Museum Bonn or the hidden Museum in Berlin,\”is similar. Hold the press and public relations, the coordination of exhibition spaces, the opening, the Festival activities, the invitation file, transport logistics, the conditioning work directories, the work promoting and catalog creation to collector contacts – all, what an exhibition helps to spectacular success. Learn more on the subject from NYC Mayor. The so far alone, private and supported by generous sponsors without the help of society serves mainly the young of national and international artists with home in Germany, will decisively support their production and distribution conditions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Teneo, New York. The goal, to represent the artists with their excellent works properly and to familiarize a large audience, at the same time with their art in an appropriate atmosphere is promoted through lively dialogue between artists, representatives of the economy and society. This circle of friends opts for\”successful contacts and one active exchange of art lovers, carrying their enthusiasm to the outside, to achieve a growing interest. \”Programmes and objectives the society friends of the arts of Duesseldorf Berlin New York\” especially the large gaps in the public art wants to close and appeal to American model on the sense of responsibility of every citizen to the art.

Because in the United States, 90% of all cultural projects to which belongs also the operation and the maintenance of museums and theatres, are financed by private donors. That doesn’t mean the the State from responsibility for the art but it makes it clear to steal the without private initiative not urgently needed cultural promotion more takes place. This wide gap fills the society friends of the arts.

Finke Exhibition

The Gallery of Jules Julian would be glad to show the exhibition ‘When light changes’ by Daniela Finke in their rooms. The title of the exhibition refers to the series of ‘Waking Night’ and ‘Polo’, Gallery Jules Julian forward, the exhibition when light changes “by Daniela Finke of the 20.11.2010-05.02.2011 in their rooms to show. “” The title of the exhibition refers to the series waking night “and Polo”, its connecting element is the use of a special, almost monochromatic light situation. A selection is now Copenhagen. In Hannover / DE-born photographer, winner of the European architectural photography Prize in 2005, has found the ideal form of expression in the connection of digital scenography and photography for their artistic vision. Faraz photographs reminiscent of an Edward Hopper the melancholy aesthetic, if people act like statues in a supercooled atmosphere.

Also, she transferred to abstract patterns, which can be seen in the soft contours and intensified coloring concrete situations. As a result of the artistic finishing run their photos in the vicinity of the painting. Finke documented moments that make this as a complex and puzzling structure perspective bar in the continuous observation of the reality of life. When light changes “refers to a changing perception, generated by a particular lighting situation, and induces a complex contextualisation in the image. Dark, almost black night scenes of illuminated cities such as Miami, New York or London are white, glistening scenes of Polo. Imploding dynamics of town life versus the explosive dynamics of the race. Daniela Finke implies incomparable to the fore.

Flagrant Delicto – The New Book By Will Santillo

Intimate moments caught by one of the best nude photographers of the World Will Santillo fascinating series – flagrant delicto – presents a brilliant picture book from his risque “While the crime is ablaze” which published in July 2008 and strictly limited illustrated the distinctive vision of the internationally renowned erotic photographer Will Santillo back “Flagrant delicto”, which series reflects first edition from his risque. The first illustrated book (hard-cover Edition 30,5 x 32,5 cm) of 125 images is the start of the risque trilogy. To capture Santillo’s approach of intimate moments full of passion from different angles and forms of erotic succeeds on a brilliant and fascinating way. All images of this edition were revised again by the artist, masterfully in the book cause over the intensity of the original prints. The limited edition is a collector Edition, which is to purchase only through the Web site of the artist.

Flagrant delicto is delivered a sensual journey through the intimate erotic fantasies at the moment of the total being. The masterful game between light and shadow at the moment of erotic game feeling generated unintended voyeurism. Every single image is to give free rein to a provocative invitation that enjoy human eroticism and Sexualitatzu and his intimate thoughts. “It has touches me deeply and gratefully made how deeply people have let me in their most intimate moments,” Santillo said. His image plays with the various erotic fantasies, where his image selection is limited not only on the erotic moments of heterosexual couples.

Homosexual and bisexual erotic moments are shown. in 2003, Santillo began his erotic and imtime travel in the fantasies and dreams of eroticism to realize his personal vision of erotic aesthetics. “I wanted to leave the classic ways and show new ideas and paths of erotic photography. Because the kind of explicit representation of eroticism is not my approach to nude photography. My goal is to show new these intimate moments and capture the longevity of those erotic moments!”explains Santillo. Da most shots with volunteers taken, show them the real and sensual moments human sexuality between real people and their real feelings. About the artist: After successfully graduating from the prestigious M.I.. T School of architecture, went to Toronto to his Archtikturkenntnisse at the University of Toronto to deepen Santillo. By his commuting between New York and Toronto and Los Angeles manages to gather new impressions Santillo. Meanwhile 25-year-old working as a photographer, he is an acknowledged master of his craft and was appreciated even in various magazines and exhibitions.

Latino Salsa

Salsas is a lateinamerikanischeer dance, he conquered the middle of the last century Europe. Salsa is a dance from America in the 4/4 time, as well as a related genre of music. Standard salsa can be danced in pairs or in a group and can be divided into the types of dance partner dance and ballroom dance. Salsa music and Salsa dancing are a combination of various Afro-Caribbean and European dance styles. Origins of the salsas are from the English Contredanse of the 17th century. Similar like in society dances the pair in many figures faces is with the woman puts her left hand on the shoulder of the man, the man covers her waist with his right hand, and the free hands meet in the air.

Spanish and French Kononialherren introduced in the 16th and 17th centuries stand type dances of their home country in the Caribbean. The newspapers mentioned NY museums not as a source, but as a related topic. 1791 French plantation owners fled after an uprising against the French colonial power with their African slaves by the split island of Hispaniola, on which the States of Haiti today and There are Dominican Republic, on the neighboring island of Cuba. Cuban Customs and guitar music of Spanish farmers mixed with African music, which has been determined mainly by drum beats, and the dance styles. It followed a wild mishmash of drum beats, African dance combinations and around the audience, which moved with all parts of the body to the rhythm and clapping. Such drum and dance elements were now recorded in ballroom dancing, even if the upper-class of Cuban looked at the mixed dance styles with too much African movements as dance kind of lower class. In addition to a religious meaning, the conquest of a woman is very important in the Salsatanz.

The dance Gets an erotic touch, by the dancing couples present themselves and includes a large self representation of the man. Sensuality and temperament it is also in the salsa, this not arises mainly but through close body contact, but through the circle of the partners, as well as in numerous Caribbean dances. In the 1970s, the salsa was mainly through the numerous Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants in America becoming increasingly popular, especially in New York. There was a further development, which New York style “.”

Art Book Tip For City Lovers

shopping.de recommends: ‘Sempe in New York’ Jean-Jacques Sempe is not just anyone. “He is the legendary artist, the cover of the New Yorker” should dominate for decades to come. A coffee table book has gathered over 100 covers and thus gives a fantastic insight into the work of the French artist. The online Department store shopping.de reports on the fascinating images. “Everything started in August 1978 and was the beginning of a liaison with far-reaching consequences: for the first time, a drawing by Jean-Jacques Sempe graced the cover of the famous town magazine the New Yorker”. “” There are many books about New York, but few show so intense, which is “the special feature of the Big Apple as Sempe in New York”. It may be also due to that the Frenchman has never lost his fascination with the city, its inhabitants, size and speed. Always one feels tiny in New York so Sempe.

This observation should be the hallmark of his paintings. The illustrated book shows also unpublished drawings to the part. Always goes it comes to moments in which hide the size and focuses on a single scene. As with a searchlight that is searched the small, what makes the great New York. This creates not only a portrait of the metropolis of New York, but also the French artist himself. More information: press / contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

David Bowie Hamburg

With its railway wfth photos of celebrities such as David Bowie, Sade, Jack Nicholson and Mike Tyson, he put up the bar for portrait photography and styled itself as an icon of this genre. In addition to several exhibitions in important galleries and museums in the world (E.g. Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York and the National Portrait Gallery, London), was Watson’s work since 2004 also in several solo exhibitions in Europe. “” “In the course of his career, he published also six books, including the award-winning book debut of Cyclops’ (1994), Maroc” (1998) and more recently UFO “(2010) as well as strip search” (2010). About Simone Bruns Simone Bruns (www.simonebruns.de), skilled photographer, art and photography is since 1990 in the areas at home. n click here. Since 2005 designed and accompanied Simone Bruns collaborations and exclusive sponsors events.

She has a strong sense of sensitive to combine artistic and commercial needs. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. Simone Bruns is working for the Hamburger Deichtorhallen galleries, the Phototriennale and the Kunstverein Hamburg and hosts its own arts events. Together with Jenny Falckenberg Blunck founded the initiative NEXT ART 2010 GENERATION, which aims to inspire more young people in Hamburg for contemporary art. With the beginning of 2011-designed art event series photo-Soiree “shows and celebrated Simone Bruns photography in new frame. About JCDecaux JCDecaux (www.jcdecaux.de) is the world market leader in the field of outdoor advertising. The company is world leader in the field of urban furniture and airport advertising, as well as European leader in large format advertising. JCDecaux has been a partner of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg since 1982.

From here JCDecaux as innovator has modernised the German outdoor advertising: JCDecaux set up the first fully glazed, lighted passenger shelters and Stadtinformationsvi trinen of Germany in Hamburg in 1982 and thus introduced the CityLightPoster format in Germany. End of 2007 Hamburg has decided to continue the long-term cooperation with JCDecaux and completely modernize the street furniture in the Hanseatic City. Since then, JCDecaux renewed with the renowned architect Lord Norman Foster and designed Andre Poitiers Hamburg city furniture products. The approximately 50 employees and staff of the Hamburg branch, who travel daily on Hamburg’s streets provide for regular cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of street furniture. JCDecaux engaged for many years in Hamburg in various ways as a sponsor for social, cultural and sporting projects or events.




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