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The Fountain

Today, many barely remember what it was popular to 20-30-40 years ago. And to me, and audiences love it when rediscovering some forgotten names. For example, one of my concerts consisted not only of the old songs – there were things not popular for a long time – 5-10 years ago. But they either do not know, or do not remember. I'm trying to work in various genres. This is jazz, blues, rock, and hard rock, and art song.

– You are one of the organizers of the festival yard song "Pavilion", which is held since 2002. How did this idea? – I think life in Ryazan, as in any other country town, not very rich in entertainment. NYC Marathon brings even more insight to the discussion. Here we are ourselves and entertain: hold "Pavilion", recitals at the cafe "The Fountain." When the "Pavilion" was just beginning, we were quite interested in how many people will come to the festival. It was such a mezhdusoboychik. Based on the summer playground cafe "Fountain" We passed a few solo concerts, and a couple of years we have been in this format. Rediscovering forgotten songs, looking for something old but little known. – Do you like what you doing now? – Yes.

I have a creative job. Before that I worked for 14 years, deputy director of the plant. At first I liked it, but everything to do with the technical processes, such as metal-working – it's not mine. Publication of books, newspapers, magazines – that's interesting to me. – And in the capital, you would not want to move? – No. But do not rule out that some time will move into the village, go to the teacher. Published in the weekly 25 'Dom.Stroy' (from 30.06.2010g.)

Watching Online

To date, the global network Internet has become so developed that allows you to transfer large amounts of data at high speed. Sites began to appear, allowing listening to music, radio, watch live video time. Ie, the end user need to download a movie on your computer completely eliminated. Enough to have Internet access at speeds of at least 1 megabit per second and be able to use the browser. Here's to take at least kinoportal video.rizhik.net. This online cinema is a free resource and lets you watch movies online.

Now, do not necessarily download the movie to your computer to watch it. Enough to open the browser page film of interest and press PLAY. On this site all movies sorted by categories so you can quickly pick up a movie you're interested in the genre. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill de Blasio. Also here there is the advanced search, which allows more just pick you up for a movie or TV series. The main page has topics such as online serials, cartoons and popular online.

It is worth noting that at this site represented a great a lot of very good quality and different cartoon's release from different countries. The youngest visitors kinoportala video.rizhik.net devoted an entire section – watch cartoons online. It is very convenient for parents. For example, the baby must be fed, and not in what he does not listen to you. Come to the aid of cartoons. Interested in watching your favorite cartoons, it can be done in minutes. One disadvantage of this portal is not very high quality video. Basically this is money is not much worse than the original DVD. This is because the site provides a video for review. If you want good quality, while still have to buy a license disk.

Matisse Artist

Doubt is a serious hindrance to the result, so – Down! Personality. Here is the stove, from which you have every right to dance, deciding to first artistic experiments. topic.. Do not feel ready to express themselves in their own way? No problem! This should not trigger a rejection of attempts to start trying to draw. Then imitate! There is work that touches you? In art, lots of interesting styles, and each artist is interesting in its own way. Choose! Do you like realism? Or more to the liking of surrealism, impressionism, or any other "ism"? Write your masterpieces.

Speaking of masterpieces. Happen to one such incident in New York's Museum of Modern Art: upside down was placed Matisse painting "Boat." Only Two months later, the error was spotted. So – more boldly, not gods pots. Start to draw! Think of the lines from the book of D. Cameron, 'The Way of the artist', I think they are will help you: "Let yourself be creative, learn it. Something like learning to walk.

Creative child must first begin to crawl. Then followed the first steps and first drop – the first awkward pictures, movies that are similar to the family amateur photography, the first verse, which embarrassed even to sign a postcard … Remember: to awaken the artist within, we first need to prepare for the role of a bad artist. Allow yourself to stay a novice. By agreeing to be a bad artist, you gets a chance to be an artist in general, and eventually, perhaps very good. " And remember: You want to create, draw – then you are already an artist. Let some of you are artists so far only in the shower, but this only means one: the first step has been taken, but said the wise Chinese journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I, as a self-taught artist, I can afford to say that learning to draw any person, sense of beauty world, capable to hold the horizon line and draw a pencil tree or stozhok. If your goal in the future – enroll in a particular school, student requiring academic knowledge and skills, then Of course, we need an art school or studio. But a minimal artistic skills, without artistic education, as such, can be their own. And, if your problem today is that you do not know how overcome uncertainty in the forces, and, if we be sincere to the end, too soon – the belief that you still will not work, then this problem is easily solved by changing the mindset. You can and should provide great fun in the process of drawing. Believe in yourself and succeed!

Joseph Gas

Book. AND HERE WE ARE BUILDING OUR LOVE … ROMAN. Joseph Gaysanyuk novel was or not was, she walked and walked as if not all, but road and trees swaying rhythmically, around her surrounded, but no roads, no trees she had not seen not seen houses Shaking, usually seen as, as always saw whirling all swam and she swam, the blind, unconscious, was carried away by thoughts somewhere else, like a bad dream, and questioned neighbors, and neighbors of the court, chili, noticing how it goes but no answer it to them or, perhaps, answered, smiling at a lost, far away smiling, as if through a veil of hazy, dream bud, then, that the neighbor was not tried, they say, is Pevelutsa, "health-are" not saying they are not looking, do not smile gives, or has not been neighbors at all, they dreamed it, the pro-reschilis here, where should stand, where the fences have always been, and she smiled at his far-fetched notion, nym, or maybe not smiling, but it seemed to her, though smiling, and it was all about other people's , confusing, unkind was at home, and trees, and neighbors to meet like floating, as if about to stumble Pevelutsa on them, then suddenly moved away everything, trees falling, home-sewn Roux, as through the land, neighbors failed, ne-ed eyes mirage one stretched, sickening faintness of heart sank. She came to her home in the free-him at the gate, among the din woke bird, Intermedia crowing, quacking, the chickens with her chickens, pet-hee with ducks, unfed, in the morning nepoennye early, to meet her, poured out, there is requested, at the feet of cat las tilas, phlegmatic Terkush dragged to the porch at night in a kennel he podremyval at night barking bass power neighborhood was read, they say, here I am, an old campaigner, I do not sleep, do not doze, all guard, a chain of Gre-chalk Terkush poor fellow, with a reproachful whine, or joy at the sight of the mistress of the gate, and she looked at her eyes glaring in at the beaks splayed, her Pevelutsu, band-vuschie, begging food, like mapping sleep awake, "Lord, I have a bird early in the morning hungry Mast …"

Russian Writers Union

Pelevin. Literature there is no per se. There is a game in the literature. Valery Kuznetsov Moscow – a huge metropolis. Naturally, the book contains all the major literary forces of Russia. In the capital of writers far more opportunities publish in a particular edition, author of the book in print publishing, there are a great many, and, commercial. Not surprisingly, the plain-old TV series, shot on the novels of authors in Moscow, like as two peas similar to each other, and nothing but the rejection did not cause. The same soap opera, only implicated in the crime.

Or take the humor and satire, which lead to so-called "netlenki" long scribbled M. Zhvanetsky, and does not hold water M. Zadornov, who took the fashion to read out from the pillars is not quite well-written ad citizens to Stebaev then over them, and krivlyayas ernichaya of television screens. Or from year to year taldychit about how everything in America is good, but we have terribly uncivilized. Not a writer, and a procurator. But, let's talk about the writers of the Kuban.

Who do you think is worthy of attention? Victor Bogdanov: There is no doubt one of the the most talented writers in the Kuban region – is a member of the Russian Writers Union, novelist Nicholas Ivenshev from the village of Poltava. The writer is from God. A prolific, but not graphomaniac. A bright, thoughtful and original. In each of his works, whether story, novella or novel, to discover something new.

Polar Bear

In 4-5 am all go home, and some bars are open until the last customer. Click Bill de Blasio for additional related pages. Musical direction of clubs is very diverse, mostly sounds R'n'B, House, Hip-Hop, Disco, Trance, Latino, lounge, rock. A very fashionable style of African-American R'n'B, featuring its ductility and softness. Cadillac – one in St Petersburg club, playing R'n'B music. And in the capital you will find the mass of such institutions. Additional information at N.Y.C. Mayor supports this article. Enough to enjoy the R & B-Bishnu format of music can be in the clubs Platinum, YE, "Jumanji." Fans of alternative music are regular visitors to the rock clubs, which are conducted live performances of famous "metal" groups. These idols of young people gather in huge concerts audience.

Direct contact with connoisseurs favorite performer like the club "Point." In the oldest rock clubs Tabula Rasa and R-Club" organized by grand festivals of heavy music, and this is an excellent concert area. Unforgettable gothic party held in Moscow, "Relax." Petersburg rock-club "Rocks" will give you excellent sound equipment and a large area of the hall for 1200 people. Strip clubs attract audiences costume erotic show programs, professional organization devichnikov and stag, the implementation of any explicit fantasies. The main visitors of such places – connoisseurs of female or male beauty. Of largest number of ladies clubs can be called the Moscow "Red Riding Hood," "Caprice," "selfish." A gentleman clubs are more than enough in the big cities, they have all the rest and relaxation – the programs with the most attractive strippers, VIP-room to see the individual show, crazy menu.

Here are just some of them: Golden Dolls, Polar Bear," "Office," "Rasputin", "Eclipse." Where to go have fun gay clubbers? For them, built special nightlife. The atmosphere of celebration and carnivals, particularly in gay clubs. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, the most famous places for gays and lesbians – is a "sinner", "Triel" bar "911", cafe "12 Volt" Club "Three Monkeys New Age. Finally, we note that the number and variety of clubs is impressive, so bored at night you just do not have to!

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

What could be more popular than photos of politicians? A particularly fotozhab or simply failed images. Photos of naked Yulia Tymoshenko seeking on the Internet at least, if not more, than the bare stars of show business. Photos of politicians povsyudu.Naprimer in Amsterdam Amsterdam Partners advertising agency decided to use images of world politics. The campaign posters and postcards – Hillary Clinton in an orange wig, asking 'Up for a party?' ('Are you ready for the holiday? "), Nicolas Sarkozy, in an embrace with Silvio Berlusconi in orange boas, crying 'Let's go party!' ('Go on holiday! "). Was supposed to appear, another poster, depicting Barack Obama and Putin T-shirts with the words 'Kiss me, I'm drunk' ('Kiss me, I'm drunk'), but it was removed, although formal complaints have been reported.

None of the Ukrainian politicians not officially declared his love, or on the contrary, of aversion to photography, but there are no restrictions on it, such as the parliament does not. From the press box as a palm entire session hall with sleep, reading, abstract, or simply staring movie bored servants of the people. Politicians are not shy of his photos in the press – we have democracy, so to play games on your mobile phone not prohibited. There are no violations. Photos of politicians flaunt along all roads in all the streets of the country – this is not an election, it's almost a public service ads, useful to society. The main figures of the country on the covers of glossy magazines and daily newspapers simply.

Photos from the political implication one way or another get a lot of times a day in our field of vision. Is there some other popular names of national brands, except for those who will soon go to the polls? Photo Tymoshenko Pugacheva spared all the media in Moscow, a highlight of the anniversary concert of Alla Pugacheva, judging by the reaction of the media, was a duet with the diva Sophia Rotaru. Ladies performed the song "Not gonna get us" group "Tattoo." In Ukraine, an outstanding concert and legendary Russian singer, who was held in Kiev on 22 April in the framework of a farewell tour, and was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Alla, had a political flavor, and marked there the appearance of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. And not just the appearance, with officials boring! In the photo just shows that the Ukrainian prime minister allowed himself to relax. Photo Tymoshenko on stage arm in arm with Pugacheva appeared in all media. Beside them stood out Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin. Audio and video of how the Ukrainian prime minister demonstrates vocal, singing Happy Birthday view and Listened to the Internet many times. In the picture: Yulia Tymoshenko and Alla Pugacheva




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