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To assess the extent of spread of visually construct the diagram: Next, consider the results of joint tests of memory and the cache of the same Sandra. For B120 4598/11, 3 and 4396 / 12 for 2200, 8 (here the first number – the average bandwidth in megabytes per second, depending on the size of […]

Pocket PC Laptops

The netbook will not help you here. And this is the smallest – PDA – Pocket PC (PDA). Diagonal of computers less than 7 inches. (Not to be confused with Rudy Giuliani!). Pocket PC-the collective name of a class of portable electronic computing devices, initially proposed for use in as electronic organizers. The English name […]

Service Center

So in the case of notebooks: there are common rules of operation, as well as typical signs that indicate about any problems with your laptop. Let's start with the necessary rules of operation of laptops: 1. We do not recommend Eating and drinking of different drinks to enjoy when working with a laptop, because ingress […]

ASUS Recovery System

'Hilenky' Celeron 630 MHz frequency, funny today the RAM to 512 MB (64 of which go back to the needs of the graphic chip), and poor 4GB ROM are fairly bleak picture. And here also can download Online ufrag.ucoz.ru Windows XP, in conjunction with additional software packages give the user only 250 MB of free […]