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How to buy a lawn mower? What is your lawn? Many have to struggle with the grass: in the garden on the courtyard, adjacent to the site area. And if the grass is not cut regularly, it is too fast to be overgrown. And bring it, then in an acceptable form would be very difficult. Previously in this case used the braid, but not everyone can cope with it, and it's remnants of the past. If grass clippings are not removed, then it grows through the fog, after which the oblique is can not do anything. In addition, after the harvest scythe grass grows quickly. So sooner or later everyone realizes that, without lawn mower he can not do. But just how to choose among so many.

Let's look at all poporyadku. Lawn mower – a machine designed for cutting lawns. All modern lawnmowers differ balanced and optimal design. Each type of machine is designed for specific tasks. Small self-propelled models are suitable for use in small areas, large self-propelled mower type perfectly cope with the average magnitude plot, well, a very large lawn mowers, riders simply indispensable for large lawns.

Lawn mowers are even on the hull (or deck), they are made: plastic (polypropylene), stainless steel or cast aluminum. Among the best known manufacturers of garden tools: – Japanese company Honda, Makita – German Al-Ko, Bosch, Stihl (brand Stihl, Viking), KRAFTOOL I / E GmbH (brand URAGAN) – Italian STATUS – American Black & Decker, Homelite – Chinese Elitech Mower comes in three forms: – Mechanical – Electrical – Mechanical benzokosilki These lawn mowers Lawn mowers do not require electricity or gasoline. Works such mower silently, but it can be hard to push (despite the fact that it has wheels), especially if the grass is wet or developed into. It will be useful to those who have a small flat area to 2 acres.




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