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Sapienciais Books

The WISDOM the wisdom is, therefore, a knowledge based on the experience accumulated throughout the life and enriched through some generations, that if fixed gradually in principles, sentences and brief sayings and ritmados, stuffed of images or comparisons. 2.2.Implicaes: 1. The people of God apercebeu itself of the importance that the wisdom had for the […]

Naim Lands

If a woman could inherit lands of its deceased husband and was of another tribe, would at risk put the division of the territory for the eleven tribes of Israel, therefore the tribe of Levi did not have lands. The widower, if did not have at least a son, who could inherit lands of its […]

Persian Supremacy

For about a century after the time of Neemias, the Persian empire exerted control on the Jew. The period was relatively calm, therefore the Persians allowed to the Jews the free exercise of its religious institutions. The Jewish one was directed for the highest point priests, who gave accounts to the Persian government, fact that, […]