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Promenade Yacht

"Despite the size of Pelorus, this ship is made not on the show. Its main mission – to provide ideal conditions for recreation, – Tells Disdeyl. – Of course, some decisions I was inspired by previous work on the boat, Sussurro, but first and foremost, I wanted to do something new, even more that I was given complete freedom of action. " There guests, and at such a yacht, guests can only be "very important persons, 20 cabins, a cinema, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, jacuzzi. And for entertainment than a standard set of scooters and small boats added submarine, which, besides entertainment can serve for the hidden escape boat. Abramovich, as already mentioned, jealously guards his privacy, so the yacht is equipped with armored glass, a special lighting system makes the life of paparazzi and detection system (and most likely counter) missile attack. And a crew of 40 men included former members of British special forces sas.

The opportunity to admire for "Pelorus", which occupies 10 th place in the ranking of mega-yachts, in June 2008, was among residents and visitors of the northern capital. During this period each Economic Forum, and a boat moored on the Promenade des Anglais, served as the residence involved in the Forum oligarch. But with that role very well managed and would "Ecstasea" – the most high-speed yacht Abramovich, with a cruising speed of 25 knots with a maximum of 36 knots. It must be noted that "Sussurro" has a greater maximum speed – 46 knots, but cruising at – 20 knots. The length of the "Ecstasea", built by the Dutch "Feadship" in 2004, is almost 86 meters. Voiced by the media cost is 123 million dollars.

The power plant of the "cruiser" consists of 4 diesel engines rated at 3,111 hp and one gas turbine GE-LM 2500, capacity 30,843 hp! In autumn 2009 at the Yacht forums was voiced about the fact that in mid-2009, Abramovich sold "Ecstasea". And it's probably true, since in 2010 very high-speed yacht oligarch still would have been in the shadow of "Eclipse." 162.5-meter "Eclipse" ("Eclipse") launched on June 12, 2009, and in 2010, after the end of the process of completion and testing, will officially become number 1 in the world ranking of megayachts. Construct a boat in Hamburg, at the shipyard "Blohm & Voss". Interior design of a 9-deck yachts engaged in a favorite Abramovich Terry Disdeyl. Announced the final cost of construction is 1.2 billion dollars! Yes! 1.2 billion! With such a value is not surprising nor submarine, capable of reaching 12 people at a depth of 50 meters, or "Admiral" cabin area of 500 square meters, or laser-detection system CCD-matrix digital cameras and makes it impossible to unwanted photographing boats and its guests. Not forgotten about booking class B7, of special lighting, space missile defense system. Restaurant, disco bar, a cinema, a library – is everything! Look after all the economy will be a crew of 70 people. Well, we'll wait, who would eclipse "Eclipse." And it will happen, we do not doubt!

Predreysovy Medical Examination

Today there are a number of normative acts, in fact on which all companies are absolutely, completely regardless of their ownership and activity, including individual entrepreneurs, who operate motor vehicles, should organize predreysovy examination of drivers. In general, such special demand is naturally considered to be justified, because in any case help to reduce accidents on road. Actually in this case as an organization, as an individual entrepreneur and to some extent able to protect himself not only from any very clear of trouble, but also the costs of supplies, itself are likely to be paid in damages suffered in the accident side. Most likely, as evidenced by the life, make this a necessary requirement there is an opportunity not every company or entrepreneur. This is caused, initially with the fact that there is a real possibility, often financial, to keep its own competent physician, who could, and most importantly have the right to conduct this medical examination of drivers. Quite often this is due to the small number of vehicles and drivers in the course of any company or firm or company. In general, such The situation does not exempt organization or private entrepreneurs from the mandatory medical examination of drivers.

Given all the previously described, we have to conclude that firms and entrepreneurs need to find real opportunity to make an informed demand of today's legislation regarding predreysovogo medical examination. In this case, the enterprises and private entrepreneurs the capital of Russia and Moscow region has a great opportunity, how to implement this legal requirement. Thus, in the event that should be holding medical examinations, with their doctor or nurse does not need only apply to the relevant company and this dilemma will be fully resolved. Definitely in a professional company has the right personnel qualified doctors who can and has the appropriate permission to compulsory medical examination predreysovy drivers, regardless of the actual because some of their number and where the self is a company or firm. Strictly for details on providing this popular service, is sufficient to enter the portal company specialized in networks. In this case, the option, if any, which ever is always possible to take advantage of the contact phone and speak with a representative of the organization concerned. Given the fact that the company and its official web site operate 24 hours a day, contact the company is available at any convenient period of time. Also, always be possible to send the proper demanded for the service to conduct the required medical examination predreysovogo driver, properly speaking, in this case we can hope for a quick answer directly which will indicate the value of this service.




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