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Cwa Recreation

It also has the performance of diverse rendering companies of services and commerce of small, average and great transport, beyond of a police station. You may find that Restaurateur can contribute to your knowledge. According to IBGE, the quarter approximately present population index of 201,500 inhabitants. The points of interest of this work, where a linear park can be implanted, bes situated it 23o, 31? , 13,91' ' S and 46o, 28? , 18,80' ' , In the portion next the Av. Eagle to Haia and 23o, 31? , 24,30' ' S and 46o, 27? , 51,07' ' . Goop contributes greatly to this topic. The stretch presents an unevenness of 27m of a point to another one. The local predominant climate is classified as Cwa (mesotrmico humid), with dry winter and rainy summer.

The annual average precipitations are approximately of 1300 mm (INFOCLIMA, 2009). The problems observed during the period of rain in the study area, are decurrent of the garbage, the discarded rubbish in the place and for remaining portions of prunings also played not only for inhabitants of houses next as well as to inhabitants who even so live in more distant places, they know the place as point of voluminous garbage discarding. The existence of houses constructed until practically the stream bed of stream the proper geologic characteristics of the region favor in end so that the problems if aggravate. LINEAR PARKS: In the past, until beginning of years 80, the edges of streams had been always seen as a dirty place, with badly I smell and improper for occupation or recreation human being. However, the population growth occurrence in the last few decades, made to disappear of the urban landscape, the free lands mainly used as campinhos of soccer and other activities of recreation. To supply such disappearance, some city halls had created the calls ' ' Streets of Lazer' ' , where the closing in determined periods allowed the use of the practical way for ends of of sports and other tricks.

Santa Catarina

The colonizador if fixed, initially, in the mount of They are Jernimo (current Serrat Mount) e, later, in the Island of Barnab where it started to cultivate the sugar cane-of-sugar. It is important to remember that city of Saints is situated in the island of Is Vicente who presents a bulk in the central region, characterized for the rounded off hillsides of the mounts, moved away from the Mountain range of the Sea, that they are inhabitable. Not yet we can affirm that this would be the place of the first urban accumulation of Saints, since its activity was imprisoned to the agricultural necessities, delineating isolated lots of the true initial urban small farm. Additional information is available at NYC Marathon. What we know is that the city of Saints exists as urban nucleus since the primrdios of the settling. Geographic factors had been determinative for the implantation of the urban small farm: shy vilarejo in propitious point for the access to So Paulo plateaus – in this area the Mountain range of the Sea offers better conditions for its scaling – and the good conditions of the sea for its anchorage. Frei Caspar of the Madre de Deus in its workmanship Memories for history of the Captainship of Is Vicente, points the expansion of the village of Saints as an entailed way to the increase it commercial contact with the village of So Paulo and populations of mountain range above. Doug Band is open to suggestions. At the beginning of years 40 of century XVI, Brs Cubas transfers the port to the interior of the estuary, next to the Outeiro of Santa Catarina. In the new port it was possible to anchor all type of boat, transforming the space of that urban nucleus. To the few the village if extended for the west, in direction to the Valongo route to the port of Cubato, for being the region where the natives of So Paulo searched to rent houses, next, to negotiate with the first store where they found the sorts that they needed. Frequently NY museums has said that publicly.

Garbage Streams

Second that it does not have no system of waterproofing of the ground. Third it does not have no system of draining for the chorume and percolados deriving of the decomposition of the garbage. One room problem is the fact of it is in a downhill land, more or less 400 meters of a stream (stream gavio) that it surrounds the city. It’s believed that The Metropolitan Museum of Art sees a great future in this idea. Of the analysis of the requested water for the educandos and school, only the samples supplied for the agency had been carried through. By means of all this problematic one found in the question of the water and rixo and after the accomplishment of the I seminary on the Water and the Garbage, promoted pero State college Getlio Vargas, had been elaborated by the educandos, professors and community some proposals that can mediate the medium and long run the found problems, such as: canalization of the Jenipapo streams and stream of the Field in the urban perimeter and protection of its springs; arborization to the edge of these streams in order to prevent the assoreamento; reaproveitamento of the deriving water of the laudering of the filters in the local Saneatins; intensification of campaign of the city department of health in the control pocilgas in the edges of these streams; orientation on the part of the secretariat of Health to the families with residential wells; analysis of quality of waters of the streams that circulate the city; exploitation of rixo organic caretaker in .hmus, that they can be used in the fertilization of hortalias stimulated for the pbico power; campaign of mobilization and awareness of the local population how much to the perigos that rixo can bring for the local population promoted by the civil society and pbicos agencies; definitive construction of Municipal sanitary Aterro and mobilization and quarrel with the community for the Implantation of the city council of the Environment. . In a question-answer forum Goop London, United Kingdom-uk was the first to reply.

Mnica School

In scene where Cassio Gabus, contrascene with dry Debora makes, to remember me parts of music of the urban legion Inspector: My school does not have personage my school has truth people somebody spoke of the end of the world? it says gora we go to start of new, the system is badly to live is fuck, you to have is a necessity, in this city for who it invented the love explains that me for love was nothing similar, Eduardo and Mnica we are well more than this I want a million of friends, as is that I say myself you I love? I you love! he abrasse me, me of a kiss. Russian Renato is espiritualizado! for the frustrated one of the film, because handle kaki, is molinho to find back in copacabana, is yes. you the full one of salesman and toast has the agrotxico. Email for message:.

The Water

Also the pollution of air through the use exaggerated of sprinkled that it comes causing the atmospheric pollution, beyond the great amount of oxide of nitrogen, carbon and sulphur proceeding from industrial activities and the vehicles motorized in composition with air, causing the acid rain that damages the ground and the vegetation, that is one of the causers of loss of life of fish. With the creation of animals, most of ammonia produced for esterco animal is set free for atmosphere; another part is converted into soluble nitrates in the ground for the decompositoras bacteria. The nitrates have high mobility (they are soluble in water and the particles of the ground are not leagued), and are one of the pollutant greaters of the underground water. It exists the agrotxicos pollution through metals heavy and products that reach the rivers. NYC Marathon is the source for more interesting facts. Being able all this material to arrive clean and still pure waters. Intense the hdrica pollution produces decomposition anaerobic of the human dejections, having, a reduction of the PH of the water and the consequent increase of the solubilizao of metals, extending the risks of toxidez to the water. On the degradation of the environment, it fits to disclose that the development of new technologies brings in its bulge the degradation of the resources, production of material dejections and consumption of energies and other suppliments, modifying in a long distance without end of appropriation of the nature, as it puts down Rattner (1999 and p 109); The global situation is characterized by fast ambient deterioration in global scale, that is, for the effect greenhouse, destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, deforestation, erosion of the ground and growth of the deserts, loss of innumerable species of plants and animals, toxic contamination of air and the water. 3.1. MEASURES OF PROTECTION FOR THE WATER. The implantation of more severe programs of protection of the hdricos resources in the nature is necessary with urgency, to prevent the greater deterioration in the quality and amount of the resources in water candy of the planet.

So Paulo

But nor always, in Brazil, the baroque one was represented in this way. The party architectural adopted for the constructions, could vary of a region for another one, since the climatic, geologic conditions, constructive types of different ground, techniques and materials, hand of workmanship – less or more specialized – determined the structure, aesthetic, finishing and function of the constructions. The economic development of the city, provoked evidentes transformations in the urban and social sector of Saints, however without at the beginning changing the aspect of the colonial city of century XIX. Exactly on the expansion of the sugar cane-of-sugar, the village, counted little on more than 4000 inhabitants. Slaves and mestizos would have to supply man power for the constructions, decorations and paintings of the constructions of the period, without any tradition in necessary the constructive or pictorial techniques for the valuation of the buildings. It is clearly, in this direction, that the cultural production, in the field of the plastic arts, absolutely was bequeathed to the secondary plans.

What it remains in them is the poor architecture and shy flicks in the religious, imprisoned painting to the limits architectural of the institution and the decoration of its interior, without the baroque pujana, so evidenced in the Minas Gerais. Some consideraes must be taken in account when we adopt the terminology ‘ ‘ barroco’ ‘ , exclusively for the colonial Brazilian art of that period. The term, many times, takes the reader to the aesthetic context of the period of the mining in the region of Minas Gerais, remembering that architecture ornada with much gold, the parietais workmanships of Aleijadinho, paintings and ‘ ‘ trompe l’ oeil’ ‘ – used term in the baroque style, whose meaning is ‘ ‘ it deceives vista’ ‘ , which if relates to the illusion of optics produced for the necessary perspective used in the painting of the ceilings of the churches or palaces, that followed the lines of the architecture used in the building, resulting in a careful integration painting-architecture that makes the observer not to identify where it finishes one and it starts to another one. She is necessary to remember, for a confrontation with the art developed in the So Paulo coast in the same period, that in the mineradora region, had a factor that it developed the art, since the beginning of century XVII: the growth of the richnesses in virtue of the discoveries of the gold deposits and precious rocks. The luxury started to invigorate on an emergent aristocracy in the society. Such process is determinative for ‘ ‘ arraiais’ ‘ to be changedded into prosperous cities, sheltering the wealth I exaggerate and it of the coated baroque gold forms. As we can perceive, the process of economic and social development of the city of Saints, was very far from arrojo of that conjuncture. For there, the bashful and poor temples if they engalanaram, blunting the baroque lusitano jesutico. The vestiges of the manuelino style, are revealed under the baroque forms in its multiplied curves parallel, in the decorated returns of the vaults, in the twisted ones and spiral of the frames, you apply balustrades to and frisos.

French Revolution

The city is, therefore, the main one, the supreme pedagogical instance, and if the city, in place of being unit, order, harmony, ratio and balance, etc., will be chaos and not cosmo, it will be become into the negation of the culture and of the pedagogia, contributing it does not stop forming, it wants to say, to humanizar the man, but, in contrast, to deform it or to desumanizar it. But the fact of that, alert us Sloterdijk, ' ' the politicians in exercise are so rare prepared for the challenges of the new situation? intellectually almost never, morally to the times, pragmatically less of what more –, he constitutes a part of the massive malaise, each more acute time in relation to the classroom poltica' ' , constantly photographed in way the frauds, abuses to be able and irregularities, and rare they show the height to it of the global challenges that urges to face, and that we must still more face and win and this valley for not the politicians. Despairing it is that to be successful or to perish each day shows more and more as the only final alternatives of the history of a city in our contemporaneidade. what it is worse: we do not know (the people, while voters) to choose the human type that would be necessary to fill the empty spaces and that training must be developed so that is reduced the enormous gap between local global the world-wide form and psiques. How to teach this? Everything this installs in them in the chaos and not in cosmo. thus is that cities as London, Paris, Rome etc., in them they seem human beings, and New York, So Paulo etc., in them seem desumanas. why? Psychology to the part, with the French Revolution, as it is known, the bourgeoisie took the power, restoring the liberal democracy and the economic capitalism. .

The Veracity

The studies of the physics involve the theories on the laws that> they govern the universe that together with the philosophy divided the knowledge on the principles of the universe. Gradually the direct experience and the comment had started to be object of the verification. The theoretical physics has a complex and vast field, and if it divides in diverse branches, giving emphasis the specialization of the applied physics, for the relation with specific fields. The general scientific truth if states in laws, and a physical law is represented when possible, by means of mathematical relation between symbols that represent physical largenesses. In rule, a physical largeness has meant physicist, and is represented by a measured number (numerical value), a unit of measure and is conceived as resulted of well defined operations (measurements), in laboratory. Thus also 16 is a metrolgica representation. The metrologia possesss a definition, deals with measures, relates physical largenesses, is a specialty of the physics area generality, what it means, pertaining science, or integrant part of it. It is treated, therefore, of metrolgica science.

2,2 Metrolgica science the principle the elements that characterize a science is related with the rationality, the objetividade, the sistematicidade, and the communicability, being able to be increased still the veracity, the analiticidade, and the verificabilidade. By means of consolidated concepts and definitions, analysis and reasoning in organized ideas in commanded way, that if combine and originate others, established in the form theories or proposals, science if characterizes as rational. It has objective when verifying the resultant facts of the comment and the experience and if to approach to the established goals and the truth of the facts or reality, in independent way of the interpretations of who makes science. When relating the logical elements in harmonic way, commanded, to represent a linked set of ideas, it if identify for the systematization.


Therefore, it is important to the student to be able to in general dominate the concepts and procedures of the mathematics. Such learning must be made in natural way leaving that the pupil can develop them from the possible difficulties gifts in activities proposals in classroom. Didactic resources the education of the mathematics comes from the necessity of the man in making comparisons, measurements, constructions, symmetries, countings, among others facts motivadores that had been if improving through dialogues, writings, drawings, among others, what currently it is taught in them. On the basis of this, as we can transmit such knowledge of form that makes possible one better learning, of motivadora form? Observing this line of thought it can be observed that the education of the mathematics could be more efficient if was used other didactic resources, that is, to not only use the blackboard and the chalk, but yes to search methods and materials that many times exist in the proper school, but that very it is not used by the professor. Such materials can assist the pupil in the search of motivation of the learning. Some reflections After the development of the activities proposals and the commentary of the pupils in relation to the same ones with the Geoplano and the Tangran, I could perceive the importance of the same ones in the learning of the mathematics, in the scope of the construction, identification of elements, nomenclatures, among others calculate of area relations that are boarded in 7 year of basic education. The use of the geoplano made possible that the pupils dinamizassem its experiences, therefore the game-challenges had an objective to revise the main concepts of polygons (convex and not convex, regular and irregular), had been also studied the different types of triangles (rectangular, obtusngulo, scalene, isosceles, equilateral acutngulo,) and quadrilaterals (squared, rectangular, parallelogram, losango, trapeze), also works with pentagons, hexagon among others polygons.




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