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CLT Cooperatives

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One met, with certain easiness, a satiated literature on aspects the countable (tributes, regimes of taxation, etc.), laws and subjects regarding cooperative, cooperated, right members of labor party, CLT, scientific articles on cooperatives, mainly, in articles presented in congresses as attempt to cure debates regarding the legality of the relation Company X rendering of services X cooperative X Labor law. In result of this fact, it was used available bibliography through didactic books, articles and publications in the Internet. The work is structuralized of the following form: Chapter I & ndash; It deals with the theoretical referencial, it appraises planning tributary and strategical, moreover, it deals with incident cooperativismo, tributes in cooperatives, regimes of taxation, terceirizao, right of the work, species of cooperative and in specific the work cooperative, it has embezzled and combat the false cooperatives and the life of the cooperated ones. Chapter II & ndash; Presentation of the Original company and simulated beyond countable, economic, fiscal and financial the presentation of the Cooperative and the aspects.

Chapter III & ndash; It is mentioned characterization of a company in face to a new financial platform, in a world in crisis, where it deals with an analysis between the real company and the same company without the employees of determined task, in this in case that the maid thus presenting a comparative degree between both, and moreover, to tell as it will be the cooperative and everything involves that it. Finally, the last consideraes are had in which if it concludes so that functions the cooperatives are created and thus applying the same one in a legal form directed toward its use as strategy to reduce cost and presenting the results that had been gotten in this research. It will be perceived in elapsing of the work, the importance of the use of a planning tributary, coherent and legal that helps the entrepreneur, beyond being inside of the law, to know to use the chances which have available and as the cooperative has an important social factor in what it refers to the search for reducing the unemployment, for example, in crisis times.




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