Stacker Models

To work in the warehouse using various improvised tools and specialized equipment. If a small store of professional equipment is not required. If the premise for warehouse sufficiently large, then be sure to use the following equipment: forklift, reach trucks, forklifts, trucks and hydraulic platform. Most modern warehouse Suitable for multi-tiered shelving system. In this case, the best use of forklift. When you select a pile should be paid special attention to several key characteristics: the height of lifting, carrying capacity, as well as indicators necessary area for work.

For each type of stacker has its own limit the width of the series. So for manual stackers she is the most narrow, self-propelled models require slightly more space. By Compared to some types of loaders Stacker is possible to side loading. It is also possible to use a forklift in a dense area cluttered warehouse shelves. Stacker has propelled following features: availability of supporting Kosola, forks.

Some models have hinged platform for the worker slides. This platform is used to control the stacker. Also for control in some self-propelled models equipped with a cab driver (warehouse workers). However, the presence of such a cab significantly reduces the possibility of using stackers in a limited space. Also worth noting is that self shtablery often equipped with lock and braking systems. However, their use is extremely rare, mostly in emergency and emergency situations.




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