Sapienciais Books

The WISDOM the wisdom is, therefore, a knowledge based on the experience accumulated throughout the life and enriched through some generations, that if fixed gradually in principles, sentences and brief sayings and ritmados, stuffed of images or comparisons. 2.2.Implicaes: 1. The people of God apercebeu itself of the importance that the wisdom had for the life, therefore was not possible prescribed all the areas of the life only for the law of Moiss and the word of the prophets. It had, therefore, spaces to fill for options and personal initiatives. From there to be necessary to acquire knowledge and critical capacity to evaluate people and things, situations and events of the life.

2. Collating the set of the wisdom of Israel with other literary bodies of at, it will not be difficult to verify that the Sapienciais Books form a world to the part, characterized for the faith in the divine wisdom that conducts the universe and each person in particular. 3. In the sapiencial scope, the attention and interest center is dislocated from the people, while such, for the individual; of History, for the quotidiana life; of the peculiar situation of Israel, for the condition universal human being; of the historical vicissitudes of the people of the Alliance, for the existence in the enigmatic world of the creation; of the prodigious interventions of God, for the relations between cause and effect; of the sphere of the Law and the cult, for the world of the free options and the personal initiative; of the authority of God, for the sphere of the experience and the tradition human being; of the oracles of the prophets, proclaimed as word of God, for the use of all the resources of the reason and the prudence, in sequence to the orientation of the proper life; of the imposition of the Law, for the persuasiva force of the advice and the exhortation; of the punishment, presented as external sanction, for the negative, resultant consequence of a wrong choice or an act insensato.




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