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Qazvin was the capital of the ancient Archaeological findings in the Qazvin plain reveal the existence of urban agricultural settlements that date back to 7000 a. C. The name “Qazvin” or “Kasbin” is derived from Cas, an ancient tribe that lived south of the Caspian Sea for millennia. Qazvin is also historically written as Kazvin, Kasvin and Casbin in Western texts. The very fact of the Caspian Sea is named as arising from the same source. Qazvin geographically conexta Teheran, Isfahan and the Persian Gulf to the coast of the Caspian and Asia Minor, hence its strategic location along the centuries.
Qazvin was the location where historical events arose in the Iranian history. In the early years of the Islamic era, Qazvin served as the basis of the Arab forces. Destroyed by Genghis Khan (thirteenth century), the Safavid monarchs made Qazvin the capital of his empire in 1548 to move to Isfahan in 1598. During Kayar Dynasty and contemporary period, Qazvin has always been one of the most important governmental centers due to its proximity to Tehran.
Bombed and occupied by Russian forces in both World Wars, Qazvin is also where he launched the famous coup that determined the rise of the first Pahlavi dynasty in 1921. Qazvin is also near Alamut, where it operated from Hasan-i Sabbah, founder of the secret Ismaili order of Murderers.

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