Potato Carnival


Vegetables – the people are friendly and sociable. Due to the size of the universal cap can be worn, and young children, and school-age kids, and adults themselves. Beanie cabbage need seven and all without buckles! Pulled the original playful turban in the form cabbage – and now participates in a children's masquerade new hero. Carnival hat uncomplicated, yet elegant. Immediately – as soon as put on – the whole soul is poured a light, sparkling anticipation of the holiday. If a child a simple sweater and pants – just different colors sparkle with this Form: a real, solid Costume! Buy, of course, possible and complete the royal collection, but then where imagination roam? Children are the biggest fans of minimalism, when and can, without fear that oborvesh edge fringe, lace hooked the handle of the chair. For mobile children's holiday masquerade hat – the best choice. Size caps universal: for children kindergarten age and school children, adolescents and adults.

Beanie Potato Carnival hat 'Potato' – warm colors of the native, stylish and neat – gracefully complement children's costumes. Actually, enough for it to be one – other clothing can be without the frills. Know how it happens: it is necessary to appear in the room, even a little New Year tree, and already the whole apartment is a fantastic space activities; wear elaborate hat – and you fairy. And what fun games, performances and competitions You can start a children dressed up in a garden! Here potatoes – she lives in the ground, she befriends dwarfs and is found with moles, and she remembers where the gardener had buried the treasure, hear the rustle of the growing roots and moves all the creatures of the earth for a hundred miles around. She herself – and the magician, and a car porter.