Pocket PC Laptops

The netbook will not help you here. And this is the smallest – PDA – Pocket PC (PDA). Diagonal of computers less than 7 inches. (Not to be confused with Rudy Giuliani!). Pocket PC-the collective name of a class of portable electronic computing devices, initially proposed for use in as electronic organizers. The English name Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) in the Russian language can be translated as "personal digital assistants." PDAs are often called palm (English handheld) because of their small size.

Management, as a rule, occurs with a small size and screen resolution, which is sensitive to the touch of a finger or a special pen (stylus), a keyboard and mouse are not available. Some models, however, contain a miniature fixed or swivel the keyboard. And so we looked at the classification of notebooks in size, their next feature is its interior stuffing. Classification laptops specifications. For technical characteristics are classified on laptops: Budget Laptops middle-class Business Laptops Multimedia Laptops Gaming Laptops Mobile Workstation notebook computers Rugged laptops Ambient Laptops with a touchscreen and so we consider this category. Budget Laptops Diagonal screen budget notebook is usually 14-15 ', although some manufacturers offer models with a diagonal 17'. Budget laptops – laptops with low price and disabilities.

These laptops are based on low-cost Intel Celeron M processors and AMD Mobile Sempron, as well as younger models Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Turion, sometimes used CPU VIA C7. Budget processors often have no better energy efficiency, which affects the battery life of laptops. In some models there is no extra-Wi-Fi-adapter.




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