Peugeot Boxer

Should look like a modern truck? Before releasing to market their later became popular Peugeot Boxer, Peugeot company conducted a study to provide a clear picture of the current drivers for whom will target a new car. As it turned out, this young man, often a student working part time in their free time. As a result, engineers developed a lightweight, agile, spacious and at the same time stylish truck perfectly suited to the conditions of the big city and easy to manage. Because of these qualities Peugeot Boxer won recognition and respect among the drivers of transport companies. Benefits Peugeot Boxer Peugeot Boxer fully overturns our understanding of the trucks. Usually the term "truck" makes us resistant association with the cumbersome multi-ton machine, letting the air Dark clouds of smoke. Unlike traditional vehicles, Peugeot Boxer with easily navigate through the narrow streets and maneuvering between cars on a busy traffic roads.

With its compact size capacity is 1t, allowing it to accommodate more cargo. Peugeot Boxer created professionals for professionals, so the transport of Moscow with its use so widespread. In addition, it is equipped with a mass of user-friendly solutions, including the ability to load cargo as through the swing doors, opened at 270 , and through the sliding side door. Modern drivers require the trucks of the same ease of management that from cars. Manufacturer failed to carry out this wish: to drive Peugeot Boxer not special skills required. Developers are Peugeot Boxer paid attention to the ecological characteristics of the car. Since the model is designed for the city, it does not impair the atmosphere, which is not the juggernaut. Due to such features of the car Peugeot Boxer obtained excellent cargo taxi: Moscow, including the center, is fully open such vehicles without obtaining special permits.

No less important characteristic of the new Peugeot Boxer – modern and stylish design. A large windshield provides excellent visibility and a cool line of the hood and highly placed lights give the car dynamics. In addition to the elegant appearance form, Peugeot Boxer is a comfortable lounge that provides comfort the driver and the client. In the development of Peugeot Boxer also took into account the needs of the driver. The car has many departments for small items and documents. They fit and lecture notes, and mp3 player. Thus, the company Peugeot managed to create a convenient commercial truck, which has received recognition and approval of consumers. Peugeot Boxer – the best choice in urban Why Peugeot Boxer – ideal cargo car for Moscow? In addition to compactness, capacity and maneuverability, it has a distinct advantage over standard trucks: this car does not require a special permit to travel to the center of the capital. Thus, choosing Peugeot Boxer for the delivery of their cargo, you can be sure that the goods will be delivered anywhere in the city just in time. In addition, this vehicle meets the most stringent standards and requirements for driver and delivered the goods. Peugeot Boxer – a multi-functional truck, indispensable for transport of goods in urban environments. Thanks to its unique qualities, the company "City Taxi" Peugeot Boxer chose to deliver the goods on Moscow and Moscow region.




GiottoPress by Enrique Chavez