New York: To Stay In The City That Never Sleeps

I want to be part of it said Frank Sinatra when he spoke of this city. And it is difficult to be part of a city as well but that she is not part of us. Worldwide, speaking of New York, images at the head, Executive suits, streets with numbers, infarction buildings, parks inmensose come to you stories many stories. The Big Apple is part of our imaginary without imagining it. Here, Bill de Blasio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Movies, series, telediariosnos have been built in our minds a whole city. Educate yourself with thoughts from Danny Meyer. Now just visit it and verify it with reality this city supposed second the world’s largest urban agglomeration so it is very important to know well where to stay. Everything is very well communicated and during the whole day (24 meter) but few less times suffer these famous agglomerations of time not so lead, and lead better.

New York is divided into five boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. The Borough of Manhattan is where boasts most of the numerous attractions of the city. The Empire State building in the Art Deco period, has 102 floors, and one of the views more stunning from all over the world. It is the tallest building since the tragic fall of the twin towers. Broadway, there where everything is impossible, it will delight the audience that will find a world of fantasy and lights created directly for them. Open your eyes and get ready to dream without sleeping. Wall Street, it is almost the opposite, fairy tales are lost between suits and ties, comings and goings of people in a hurry, talking on the phone, running desaforadamenteDefinitivamente the other side of the city. Will visit Central Park equalise us in the meantime different world also we find ourselves in this area with the Chinatown, located between Little Italy and the Jewish quarter, is another option that will make us escape from reality and fantasy taking us to another country.




GiottoPress by Enrique Chavez