MINI Agency

Munich-based agency responds to steady growth Munich, 04th October 2010: the webguerillas, Germany’s leading full-service agency for alternative advertising, extend the Managing Director Martin Wittmann. “Since its Foundation 10 years ago, is both the number of employees as the commissions grew constantly”, David Eicher, managing partner and founder of webguerillas is pleased. “To ensure this positive development for the next years, I will control the Agency together with Martin Wittmann.” Martin Wittmann (33), an internationally experienced consultant to the Executive Board of the webguerillas occurs. His previous professional stations led him among other things to IKEA communications and PlanetActive (Ogilvy Group), where he was responsible for the control of global campaigns as well as their rollout. When the webguerillas has a consultant in August 2008 as a senior. In the future, Martin Wittmann is responsible for the areas of consulting, creation, and internal structures While David Eicher, who remains sole shareholder, the strategic direction of the Department of human resources/finance and the Agency and job growth is responsible for. “Top brands, international accounts, and a super team: in this climate it’s fun, to take more responsibility”, as Wittmann.

“I am looking forward to the new challenge and am sure that we will achieve much with the webguerillas just at international level.” The Agency is a full service provider for alternative advertising webguerillas. The portfolio includes all forms of advertising in the online and offline, that entertain and surprise the audience with unconventional ideas. The Munich-based recruiters were awarded in many cases and are among the leading agencies in Germany for viral campaigns, social media activities, guerrilla, Word-of-mouth-, ambient and mobile marketing, as well as for blog and website concepts. Additional business fields such as alternative PR and online monitoring round off the offer. Among the customers of webguerillas including Deutsche Telekom, Bacardi, MINI, ADAC and Zott. Webguerillas GmbH employees currently 46. “The Agency was founded in 2000 and won numerous prizes: 2010 was the campaign with the LeadAward in the category advertising campaign” award. The MINImalism-spot of the webguerillas won the Clio award 2010 in bronze and the silver international advertising award 2010 at the New York Festival.

2009, they took webguerillas gold online star and bronze at the London International Awards for the MINImalism-spot, as well as four times the OttoCar award. Also, she was nominated for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany. in 2008, the Agency received the iF communication design award three international Davey Awards (two gold, a silver) for a T-Mobile event, 2007 Awards, such as the German dialog marketing award, and the iF communication design award-digital media. At the New York festivals won the webguerillas bronze in the category entertainment promotion and the Web Marketing Association has honored the website Wet T-Shirt Worldcup”for Unibet as ‘Outstanding Microsite’.




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