MicroStep Crafts And MicroStep Industry A Strong Team

The B2B Portal for small businesses now online the final preparations are in full swing and the countdown was launched. The MicroStep industry is on the 1st of September officially through a portal for the reinforced craft business network. As been the portal for the Metallindustrieso, also the Handwerkerportalmit the known and popular features such as for example the free publishing catalogues, the marketplace and the module for abroad will be equipped. Artisans from more than 40 countries can craft full and free present themselves, their company, their work and their services on MicroStep and be found by potential customers. MicroStep crafts is open but also traders, service providers and suppliers to the industry. Also you can free present themselves and open up to a new clientele.

But the portal serves not only the presentation, but also as a network, as a platform for the communication between the craftsmen themselves. For this reason, it is also A forum type MicroStep crafts, on the young and old, amateur and expert about the news of the industry talk and exchange tips. We are pleased that in addition to the metal industry now also the craftsmen in our MicroStep industry business network are represented. “” And of course, we hope that many of them “support our initiative more opportunities for industry and trade with their free registration”, said Igor Mikulina, Managing Director of the company MicroStep trade GmbH, which operates the portal network. MicroStep industry – the B2B Portal for the metal industry is the new platform for business partners in the area of the metal industry. Metalworking and processing companies, manufacturers, suppliers & distributors as well as contract manufacturer and other service providers and organizations can act as seller and buyer in interaction and establish contacts with each other.

MicroStep industry B2B for the metal industry can be found on only companies and contacts they are part of the respective branch of industry. With the creation of this portal, the idea has been implemented for business to business business activities to create platforms that are specifically tailored to the individual sectors of the economy. MicroStep trade s. r. o. is the initiator and operator of this portal, MicroStep Europa GmbH of official partner.




GiottoPress by Enrique Chavez