Microsoft Plans

It should be noted that it is a strong rumor that emerged after a meeting between the leaders of both companies, Steve Ballmer and Shantanu Narayen. This meeting was quite fast and lasted barely an hour, but it has raised a great cloud of smoke of speculations pointing to that Microsoft and all their network marketing may be thinking of buying Adobe. For more information see Restaurateur. The New York Times was the first to give the this information and tried to contrast with several of the employees of both companies. The response has added more intrigue to the matter, since they have neither claimed nor have disproved information. One of the first consequences of all these rumors is that Adobe has uploaded some points in the bag, specifically has come up to 17%.

Nick Bilton writes in the above mentioned means that many issues were discussed at the meeting, but that one of the principal was trying to control that Apple is having on the telephony market and points out that a partnership between the two companies could form or well carried the rumored purchase. It also notes that the Redmond company wanted to buy Adobe a few years ago but that they did not because of possible problems with the Department of Justice in relation to issues of competition. Since then Adobe must not be very happy with that Apple decide to depart their mobile devices and on the other hand with Microsoft about to launch Windows Phone 7 would not be surprising that this meeting would have been to treat trade agreements to enhance the use of Flash and other Adobe technologies in the new product of the company that Steve Ballmer directs. Nor should we forget the detail that these have Silverlight trying to compete with Flash and not doing anything wrong, by the way. This partnership can reach the point of producing a purchase would be a bit questionable, I think that at this moment Microsoft doesn’t need buy Adobe and if doubt that will be a big step do not fit forward for the company, to recall that so far this year has not made any acquisition. Either way at the moment only it’s a rumor emerged from a meeting that nobody in any of the two companies want to comment. If there is something safer to get to know him over the course of days.




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