But that's not much joy – there is anxiety. And the question – so what does it mean? .. Although it is possible that the same McCain simply follows trends of sensitive political 'modernization' in America, and reflected his knowledge of the fact that on November 15 New York City at the Center for European history, the city hosted an international conference dedicated to the life and work a famous Jewish scholar Raphael Lemkin – the author of the thesis of 'genocide', which in an attempt to formulate it and show what we should call genocide, he turned just in time for the example of mass murder, massacre and deportations of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey. Lemkin was also a lawyer, educator, linguist, writer, and, most importantly, the tireless advocate of international efforts to prevent genocide. And during the conference, many speakers addressed the facts of the extermination of the Turkish government of Armenian intellectuals and cultural heritage of the Armenians …

Whatever it was, a premonition that even in the U.S., despite the Turkish-Armenian protocols will not neglect the theme of the Armenian Genocide in Armenia right now is mixed with bewilderment and dismay. And no one – not from authorities, or from the opposition – does not undertake any obligation to explain difficult people, what actually happens in this area, which is still one of the official foreign policy priority. Apparently, current politicians have nothing to say? Or just afraid of anything at all to speak, even more so – to comment on the possible turns of U.S. .