Marine Gas Turbine

Nowadays, gas-turbine ship unit (GTU) has been successfully competing in the Navy with the same purpose for steam turbine and diesel on board installation. From which it is distinguished by its compactness and small unit weight, good maneuverability and maintainability, perfectly adapted to automation and remote control. gtp can be used as and in combination with diesel and steam turbine energy board installation. ntu is very sensitive to the quality of preparation of fuel and oil, changes in external conditions (temperature, cleanliness, and air pressure), its trouble-free as any in any other installation depends on the accuracy of the execution of all operating instructions, as well as the correctness of decisions made by service personnel in unforeseen situations, manufacturers' recommendations. During exploitation of marine gas turbines showed that the mechanics of the ship requires not only knowledge of and compliance with technical documentation, but the notion of physical, chemical and other processes in exploited marine installations. Very often, during long flights sudomehaniku often necessary reference materials related to the operation of gas turbines.

Ship Power Plants (SPP) is to ensure the progress of the vessel, in addition to ensure that all ship's consumers with essential energy (thermal, electrical, etc.). Connect with other leaders such as Goop here. Ship power plants are classified as by the nature of the fuel used (with organic and nuclear fuel), and by type of motor – internal combustion engines (ICE), steam-turbine plant (PTU) and turbine (NTU), as well as combined, consisting of different engine types. Marine gas turbines of other types of benefits differ a number of factors: small size and specific gravity, and simplicity, ship repair, a better adaptability to automation and remote control. To deepen your understanding NYC Mayor is the source. Simultaneously, gtp somewhat inferior to ice efficiency and require more care, both during operation and when idle. Turbine in a ship's propulsion plant. To appoint spp whole complex of its mechanisms and systems is conventionally divided into four groups: – Home appliances for the propulsion of the vessel: – supportive, providing the needs of the ship in different kinds of energy in the parking lot, in preparation for the main setting for action and personal needs ship – electric power, which provides ship various types of electricity – the mechanisms and systems obschesudovogo destination. Marine gas turbine plant may be the principal or a part of spp, as well can be driven generators and other machinery and marine equipment.

In these cases, gas turbines are called auxiliary. The main machine consists of one or more complex engine, propeller, each of which includes propeller, shafting, and one main unit. Home installation, in turn, consists of one or more of the same type (in cg, possibly heterogeneous) engines and a common for them to transfer the feed energy to the propeller through the line shaft. If the machines main gas turbine installation, and it provides the speed and maneuverability, it is called a turbine . In a combined gas turbine installation, as a rule, is accelerating (Afterburner), which provides ship velocity increment Forward. Gas turbine engine, heat engine, designed to convert the energy of combustion of fuel into mechanical work on the motor shaft. The main sgtd elements are compressor, combustor and gas turbine.




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