Lieutenant Colonel


It is a young Palestinian activist. Nicknamed Che Guevara. He was tied up and blindfolded when an israeli soldier fired a shot with a rubber bullet at point-blank range on one of his feet. A video placed on the Internet YouTube site shows how the soldier, in the presence of a Lieutenant Colonel, opened fire on the young. The record garnered the attention of the press in the Middle East and around the world.

On July 7, when he was among a group of neighbors and international activists trying to reach the neighbouring village of nor Jilin with supplies of emergency, Ashraf Abu-Rahma, 27 years and resident in the village of Bi Jilin, near the city of Ramallah Mas’ha, was arrested by Israeli troops, beaten and forced to sit in the Sun for hourswithout receiving water. Later the soldier shot him in the foot less than a meter away, apparently by order of their Commander. I thought it was going to be arrested, but not that they were going to shoot me, said Ashraf, Che Guevara. Is known that thick boot that had absorbed the greatest impact of the rubber bullet. He had internal bleeding in greater finger.

The incident was filmed by a Palestinian teenager of 14 years, Salaam Kanan, who gave the video to the israeli human rights organization B’tselem B, which, in turn, gave it to military authorities. Days later, the israeli army arrested in West Bank father of the girl. Jamal Hussein Amirra was arrested yesterday in the town of Nilin, North of Ramallah, when dozens of people protesting against the wall built by Israel. Israeli soldiers reportedly attacked some women who were demonstrating, after which Amirra turned to defend them. Amirra was arrested together with a Canadian, Victor MacDiarmid, making photographs. Speaking to Palestinian television, the 14 year old girl expressed concern that his family is being objective of the army Israeli due to the images recorded. This story doesn’t have, like everything what in what Israel intervenes, happy end. The fate of Amirra is uncertain. MacDiarmid, Canadian arrested along with Amirra, received two shots. And Nilin residents explained to BTselem that they had seen the soldier responsible for the shot against Che Guevara, the next day, serving in his unit as if nothing had happened.