Legal Address


Long ago, the years in commercials 90_h last century, during the initial accumulation of capital, we recorded hundreds of firms, the demand was great and the price at the expense of mass registration of legal entities was only a few hundred dollars. Recorded if the company at Companies House of large cities, small towns that were engaged in local government, to set the tax allowance, where the inspectors could contemplate personally and even sit in his office until the documents were taken. (Not to be confused with Danny Meyer!). About failures almost nobody had heard, but the term "legal address", "jur. address "is well known to all. In those days, business centers, yet there was not even in the draft, many of the state. office has not yet collapsed completely, and numerous research institutes with large areas were afraid officially hand over the empty space for lease nimble businesses – passed without any documents. Like today, in those days the demand for rent non-residential buildings far exceeded supply, but the situation is further compounded by the fact that many landlords could not rent out their space official.

And just then register the new firm at state-owned enterprise, a factory or research unit was not possible, in different regions of the requirements are different, but in general, when registering a new legal entity required to provide warranty letter from the owner, the contract even if the joint activity and a notarised copy of the certificate of title to the premises. And most firms at that time had a legal address, physical address, mailing address and all of them differed from each other. In some regions at the end of 90_h's administration tried to fight jur.