I describe the psychodynamics of one school class. But what I will describe to you today, those mental processes that occur in this class, and the approach to their analysis, in principle, can deal with any team, which some a long time working together. This may be a group of colleagues at a university or school, hospital or office. Each group is certain stage of development. Learn more at this site: Rudy Giuliani. This can be compared with those stages, which overcomes child from birth to adulthood. In each class, and in each team, this is expressed differently. In his report, I will rely on three basic concepts of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic pedagogy: transference and countertransference scenic understanding.

We consider the conflicts in the 2 year of high school, we have it about 5-6 class. I was in this class of 3-year classroom teacher. Looking at this class I tried to imagine how using these concepts can be explained by unconscious motives relations in the classroom. "Class in the mirror their conflicts during recess milkfish and Peter is constantly fighting. And Peter, as a rule, it happens to the bits of blood. Therefore, several weeks after the start of training comes to me and asks his mother.

To me as a homeroom teacher made sure that the milkfish stopped himself so news. And it still second request: I need to make sure that Peter began to include general class of games, because it is usually not accepted. In general, the class should be proud that together with them is learning so smart and gifted child.




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