Gynecologic Medical Center

Complaints handling complaints are to ginekologuKakie occasion to refer to a gynecologist First of all, this is – to change the character of vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen and backache, bleeding, and menstrual irregularities. With all the variety of gynecological pathology, clinical gynecological diseases fit into these above-mentioned complaint. For example, the changing character of discharge from vagina. Discharge may be watery, slizeobraznymi, purulent, curd, sukrovichnymi, have an unpleasant odor, etc. Please note that these signs and symptoms indicate the presence of gynecological diseases, including inflammation of the vagina (colpitis) cervical erosion cervical mucous matkivospalenie the cervical canal (cervicitis), including specific character (Chlamydia) Cervical polyps matkipolipy mucosal disease matkivospalitelnye body of the uterus and pridatkovzlokachestvennye diseases of female genital mutilation. When pregnancy is also changing the nature of precipitates that can be are normal and a sign disease. Other common complaints include pain in the lower abdomen and in the menstrual poyasnitsenarusheniya tsiklakrovotecheniya They also may indicate the presence of acute or chronic gynecological zabolevaniy.Kogda should be referred to a gynecologist to gynecologist should be treated for the prevention and early detection of diseases, twice a year. In the event of any complaints, these symptoms sudden pain, urgent and immediate need advice gynecologist.

Please do not self-diagnosis, self-treatment, treatment for “recipes from friends.” With the severe consequences and complications of this initiative, handle more complex, longer and more expensive than the disease itself. Only a gynecologist, after careful examination and conduct the necessary tests, you put the correct diagnosis, prescribe appropriate treatment and help restore health. As doctors, we consider it our duty to remind you: Non est census supersalutis corporis – There is nothing more precious than health.




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