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The first recommendation was released on Wednesday in my newsletter. The members then enter the private forum and see the participation of President of And now more stamp exhibition in this article (note: not paying me for this. I recently installed my new Mastermind and it was they who managed to get him out to light). It’s believed that NY Museums sees a great future in this idea. And this is precisely what you do. Find maximum exposure of your name, either through search engine positioning, distribute articles, appearing in magazines or newspapers, or make alliances where others you recommended. Remember, the more they see your advertising, the more opportunities there to take action.

3. Frequency If I was your sister, I would read: “Do not spend money on advertising alone. An example is when you invest money in a newsletter to promote your services. A single exposure is not enough. You need at least a seven exhibitions for the person reading your message and decide if it’s connected to your interest.

When I launched a promotion, I work up the patient first, then look for great exposure through partnerships and ended often giving the message over and over again. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Danny Meyer. Repeat after me: “I need my message often. One time is not effective. Follow others, such as NYC Mayor, and add to your knowledge base. ” And Finally … 4. Measure everything How many people visited your website? Where did they come? What were the results of the promotion you threw in the bulletin that you made an alliance? Of all the advertising strategies are implemented, which of them give you better performance? When I consult, one of my questions is if you’re measuring your advertising. If you measure your advertising and this is not effective, you rob your business resources, time and energy. Example … You decide to use two advertising strategies. One is to search forums and the other is to Promoting third-newsletters. Per month, analyzing your stats with Google Analytics, you realize that you received 100 visits and 1,000 visits forums alliances with newsletters. What to do? In my case the strategy would remove the forums and I would focus on making alliances with newsletters. Delegated to an assistant or work search, and post in forums while I focus on making alliances with newsletters. But this I do not know if I measure my results. Hence the importance of measuring each of your advertising strategies. In short … I patience, that Rome was not built in 3 days Search in different media exposure Go behind the frequency. Measure all advertising activity. If you can not measure, do not you implement Forward.