WE GO TO SAVE THE RIVER WORKS WITH WOOD! This beauty must be poluda! Raul Saints the River Guapor is born in the Mato Grosso, in the immediacy of Cuiab, separates the State of Rondnia of Bolivia and empties in the Mamor, that comes of Bolivia, in Coast You mark, and if together with the Beni, that also comes of Bolivia, in Guajar Mirim, and forms the Wood. The River Wood receives the Abun that comes of the Acre and empties in the River Amazon, next to Itacoatiara, in the State of Amazon. For even more analysis, hear from Teneo. More to the north, it receives waters from the rivers Mutum, Jaci and Candeias. In a fast peep in any map of the South America, it can be seen that rains that fall in such a way on the Mountain range of Andes can run for Peru and Chile as they can come to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. In consequncia, all the rivers that cross Bolivia tend to converge to the State of Rondnia, where he is being initiated the functioning of one cold storage room that will bring tannery and plants of footwear, stock markets belts, etc. They are being constructed hydroelectric plants of Saint Antonio and Jirau and, future, will be constructed three bridges that will go of Guajar Mirim for Bolivia, of Porto Velho for Rio Branco, to give flow to the Road of the Pacific and Porto Velho for Manaus, what it will give an unimaginable impetus to the region, will bring incalculable a migratory flow and will culminate inappellably in catastrophic ambient impact. From there, in fast mathematical calculations, if a person excreta half kilo of excrements for day and Porto Velho has currently 360 a thousand inhabitants, is 180 daily tons. When they will be 10 million, will be 5 a thousand tons per day that will go down for the city of Porto Velho. If immediate steps in the treatment of these rivers will not be taken, into a well next future the Wood will be transformed into ' ' TIET OF THE AMAZNIA' ' from there will come the desperation to be expenses millions of dollar in the unfruitful attempt to recoup the irretrievable one. What we can make to prevent plus this blow in the Mother Nature?




GiottoPress by Enrique Chavez