Flagrant Delicto – The New Book By Will Santillo


Intimate moments caught by one of the best nude photographers of the World Will Santillo fascinating series – flagrant delicto – presents a brilliant picture book from his risque “While the crime is ablaze” which published in July 2008 and strictly limited illustrated the distinctive vision of the internationally renowned erotic photographer Will Santillo back “Flagrant delicto”, which series reflects first edition from his risque. The first illustrated book (hard-cover Edition 30,5 x 32,5 cm) of 125 images is the start of the risque trilogy. To capture Santillo’s approach of intimate moments full of passion from different angles and forms of erotic succeeds on a brilliant and fascinating way. All images of this edition were revised again by the artist, masterfully in the book cause over the intensity of the original prints. The limited edition is a collector Edition, which is to purchase only through the Web site of the artist.

Flagrant delicto is delivered a sensual journey through the intimate erotic fantasies at the moment of the total being. The masterful game between light and shadow at the moment of erotic game feeling generated unintended voyeurism. Every single image is to give free rein to a provocative invitation that enjoy human eroticism and Sexualitatzu and his intimate thoughts. “It has touches me deeply and gratefully made how deeply people have let me in their most intimate moments,” Santillo said. His image plays with the various erotic fantasies, where his image selection is limited not only on the erotic moments of heterosexual couples.

Homosexual and bisexual erotic moments are shown. in 2003, Santillo began his erotic and imtime travel in the fantasies and dreams of eroticism to realize his personal vision of erotic aesthetics. “I wanted to leave the classic ways and show new ideas and paths of erotic photography. Because the kind of explicit representation of eroticism is not my approach to nude photography. My goal is to show new these intimate moments and capture the longevity of those erotic moments!”explains Santillo. Da most shots with volunteers taken, show them the real and sensual moments human sexuality between real people and their real feelings. About the artist: After successfully graduating from the prestigious M.I.. T School of architecture, went to Toronto to his Archtikturkenntnisse at the University of Toronto to deepen Santillo. By his commuting between New York and Toronto and Los Angeles manages to gather new impressions Santillo. Meanwhile 25-year-old working as a photographer, he is an acknowledged master of his craft and was appreciated even in various magazines and exhibitions.