Company Code Security


Company Code Security announces the release of new version of the system of centralized management and control of information security company KUB – KUB 2.1. The new version of the refined control system coordination and control execution of applications, optimized for web-based portal and the system configuration to eliminate the problem of previous releases. In addition, this version adds support for the safety management system "1C: Enterprise". New security features: easy to manage system added a new type of role – business roles, can dramatically simplify security management of the enterprise; Provided support for multiple services, factory automation, and control execution of instructions for the individual objects of automated systems; added mechanisms to ensure more flexible and fine-tuning coordination and control of execution of requests; Provides support for trust relationships between domains serving the same application system, new mechanisms of administration and management profiles Security staff on the basis of personnel policy. Optimized control system. Added new filters are convenient, updated interface of popular artists.

Agent for "1C: Enterprise". It is now possible connect to the system KUB "1C: Enterprise" version 8.1. System of a cube – a tool to control access to resources information system and monitoring system of information security. KUB can quickly include the user experience and resources, and effectively manage user accounts, rights and confidentiality requirements. The new version is available now. More information about the product can be found at site